Nowt much ganning on…!


This means there is nothing going on @ the moment!  I’ve been @ work today and then the afternoon spent doing work @ home and nothing much else!  I don’t have much to report or tell today but here goes!

The hours walk in morning as always nice:

crazy skies again and very, very mild, it was 10°C today, not forgetting it is the middle of December…!

Breakfast a berry bar (no photo) and for lunch I had a goat cheese, honey and truffle flute:

with the rest of the goat cheese, walnut and grape salad from yesterday!

After lunch went straight for walk with Daisy along the Isar, and took a photo looking into the Isar to show how clear our River in Munich is as here you can see the stones:

this took just over an hour and then had some work to do @ home and did that until it was my daughter’s piano lesson, whilst she was in there I did some shopping and bought a chicken and salad wrap which I forgot to photograph and had for dinner later!

After dinner walk with Daisy in the Hofgarten for 30 mins and now although I have mostly been doing mental work and not sports I am tired so as have not done much else today and can’t think of anything witty or exciting or diet-y to say am off for the night, TTFN!


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  1. It’s nice when there are days that not much is going on. As for the goat cheese lunch…I love pretty much anything with goat cheese – so it looks amazing!

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