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MIA = Missing in Action i.e. I have not been blogging or providing you with news on how to Lose it in Munich!

A little update…!


There is actually no update but thought I’d write a short something and post some pics!


here are some pics of leaves blossoming on a tree, some flowers coming up on grass in the other two pics… having said that it has been very cold today although sunny and it’s supposed to snow again in the next few days…!  Yipee… NOT!  I am sick of the snow!

Here is the centre of the Hofgarten looking very, very boring but I took the picture as a comparison to what it will be like when SPRING FINALLY ARRIVES properly and I take a photo of the very well done garden in a few months then you can see the difference…!

This has been my breakfast most mornings recently… yoghurt with nuts and raisins and banana and apple and soya flakes and it’s been very tasty!


This is something strange… I go past this nearly every day on my walk and I have only noticed it a few days ago… it’s a normal lamppost, albeit a fancy one and half way up it it has a Saint or Priest Statue… I’m afraid I had no idea who it is, I will have to find out!  But it’s strange how you can go past things for YEARS and YEARS and not notice!

Another nice feature which I have noticed before but never photographed is:

it’s a peg in the form of a face which is actually a piece of metal holding open the shades from the windows (I’ve forgotten what they are called, I can’t even check the google translator bar as I can’t remember the word in English or German!).

This is a really weird thing I found… it’s offering to do an Exorcism….:

It says… Persecuted…Possessed?  An Exorcism helps…!  I think it is genuine but very weird!  Felt I had to share it with you – what strange things go on in Munich!  It also has


well, not the losing it I mean!  Mind you there is not any of that going on as far as I AM CONCERNED EITHER!  I.e. I am  not losing anything in Munich @ the moment!



that where I go to do my fitness and swimming is closing down for 6 weeks for renovations…!  I was just getting myself psyched up to go again and I get the letter saying they are renovating for 6 weeks… only advantage is that we are getting a 3 month extension on our membership as compensation – this is nice!  If only I went it would be even NICER… so 30th April 2012 is a BIG DATE in my diary when they open again and until then I have to finish my xmas present book Ride your way lean and get into the programme suggested in that BUT not if it’s snowing again in the next few days!

As far as losing it in Munich and food are concerned… I am not being diet-y but also not stuffing my face but it is definitely not being a person who is trying to lose weight!  I will certainly NOT reach my goal set out in my weight loss stats and goals but I AM ALSO NOT GIVING UP YET EITHER!  Sorry I have been MIA for quite a while but as have had nothing really to say felt it would be more boring than the blog tends to be so spared you…!  Also this year is different for me compared to previous years as I am working much closer for hubby and his business, well OUR business and it is taking up a lot more of my time than I thought, so tend to chillax late evening and read rather than write something boring on here!  Well won’t bore you any more! TTFN!