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The Alps!


I don’t actually have much to write about, nothing new i.e. I am not dieting (losing any weight!) but I am still in Munich!

I had 2 trips to the Alps, one the one in my last post where I had to pick up my daughter from the week away from school @ a sort of outward bound course and then this weekend we had a family meal with my Step-fathers 3 daughters and their children!

On the way there (in the rain) saw these sights, first we left Munich towards the Alps in the nice weather and then it gradually got darker:

Then it was actually raining, but the sky looked a wonderful colour and a wonderful sun set:

We had a nice meal, I had a salad with Giant Shrimps, forgot to photograph it though!

Here more evidence that autumn is already comeing with more leaves on the ground:

On a hot day we had swimmers in the Eisbach (although it’s not officially allowed!):

Here a funny looking wild mushroom:

Then today I did remember to take a photo as my friend (who introduced me to the tiny but very delicious Thai near the Gasteig) discovered a new place to eat @, where I had a glass noodle salad with Biological turkey and poppadoms:

It’s called Pavesi Picnic ( and my friend ate a curry and I had the above, it’s was made fresh whilst we waited, and brought to us outside on the wooden step in front of the restaurant, I didn’t take a photo of the wooden step as there were people there and I couldn’t take a photo of them and put it on here without their permission!

On a dog walk with Daisy in the afternoon, saw the very full Isar:

and I also saw this nice fence-type-thing covering up the cellar window:

That’s all for now I’m afraid!  I am really so busy that I am not getting around to any sport or swimming and hardly any biking!  Mostly work but also we moved our office so all things a bit in the air and busy, busy, busy!  TTFN!