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This is the name of the after school place in German… i.e. my daughter walks from school with her 2 friends who also go there and first the play, then get some lunch, play and then do an hour homework in the afternoon and get a snack later too before I pick her up!

Update… and a new start (yet again!)…


My leg has been healing very well, I feel a bit of a twinge now and again where my vein was but the doc says that’s normal the tissue etc around where the vein was regenerating, so all in all it has gone well – this is assuming nothing is going to go wrong now, nearly 4 weeks after the operation.

I have been lazy

in 2 ways:

not updating the blog


not doing any sports…

But today I made a new start!  I have been riding my bike but not any great stretches and last week I went for a swim but it didn’t feel so good (it hurt to kick my leg out when I was swimming!) so didn’t repeat it again until today –  more shortly!

TODAY I said this cannot go on any longer… my scales are killing me every morning and I just have to do something.

First exercise of the day was my walk with Daisy in the English Garden (which I have also  been doing up until now but I don’t really see it so much as exercise as I do it every day) and it was coooold.

Friday we had 30°C (very hot!), Saturday and Sunday a cold 15°C and today when I woke up it said it was -1°C (@ 7 am!) and it was cold when I went for the walk for an hour with my dog walking friend.

When I got home I ate an Apple and Cinnamon Herbalife shake with blue berries and yoghurt:

Then off to work and after work I went for a swim:

it has been closed for 10 weeks and was renovated… the only real changes I can see are the blinds on the windows and a mirror @ the end of the pool (hard to see on the photo).

Back @ home I had an egg and salad sandwich on brown bread and a cous cous salad – I was starving after the pool and didn’t have the energy to make something so bought my lunch from Dukatz:

After lunch Daisy and I went along the Isar for a walk for 50 mins, as you can see it is a lovely, sunny day but it was still a little cold, i.e. not as hot as the sky and the sun in the pictures suggest (!):


When I got back I had a little rest before I picked up my daughter from Hort and ate an apple:

After picking up my daughter I ate a Herbalife Lemon Protein bar – the idea behind it being that it is a little sweet and it has some chocolate and so a treat but not a too naughty one:

My daughter went out to play with her friend and Daisy and I went for a last ‘big’ walk of the day for 35 mins in the Hofgarten.  When I got back I made dinner for my daughter and hubby and I ate an Apple and Cinnamon Herbalife Shake with milk and half a banana, some blue berries and some strawberries.

I’ve managed surprisingly well, but followers of the blog will know this from me – that I tend to manage 3 or 4 days quite well and then something triggers me downhill again…. SOOOO as I’ve said countless times before too, let’s see how it goes, TTFN!

Back @ home in tights but back @ home…!


I have been home for a few days now and things are good!  The operation went well and I went into hospital @ 9:20 am on Tuesday, was operated on @ 2pm and by Wednesday @ 9:30 I was sitting in the cafe around the corner from my house with my mum!  Hubby managed to pick up our daughter from Hort and take her to school the next day without too much trouble, so that went well too!

Here is my bed in the 4 bed room in the clinic where I had my leg operated:

The day before I had my operation I had some things drawn on my leg:

this is the bit below my knee that was operated on – I haven’t photographed the whole leg… here just the bit below my knee…!

This is the book I read whilst in the clinic as I had to go in @ 9:20 am (like I said) but my operation wasn’t until 2pm so I was really glad that I had taken a book!  Finished the last few chapters the next day:

very gripping, just the right thing to keep you hooked whilst waiting…!

I have one problem after the operation and that is that I have to wear special tights to protect the wounds and also to protect against thrombosis…. I also have to give myself injections to protect myself against thrombosis!  The problem is that the tights are really tight and really thick and it’s over 20°C in Munich @ the moment, the last few days actually over that!


after the operation I did a lot of walking and it was really nice weather (as above) and in the evening the sky was crazy looking too:


this view is out of my window from one side and then the other side!

Today I went out on the bike for nearly an hour to drop off some number plates and on way back managed the bike ride in 40 mins.

I was really lucky @ the Zulassungsstelle (the place where you sort your number plates, where I had to take back some number plates of a car we had sold!).  It was jam packed… but I saw a guy who works @ the local supermarket who I chat with @ the till a little bit who was about 10th in line of >40 and he let me in behind him… then @ the till the woman put up the sign that she was closing and half the people left the line BUT she only went to the loo which she whispered to a few of us as she ran out, so that went quickly too!

Then back in time to meet my daughter after school as it’s bank holiday tomorrow so she didn’t have to go to Hort and she hung around the local square with a friend from school!

Food has been boring and nothing special and only resulting in my weight going up and down, so nowhere really…


So watch this space… she says missing posts all the time!  But I really hope to get motivated enough and start again soon, TTFN!

A cold spell… again!


It’s got suddenly really cold again… I had already stopped wearing tights but… now have to get them out again it’s so cold!  Nevertheless walk for an hour this morning:


I took pictures here of the blossoms but also as a comparison so you can see how it will be in a few weeks when it’s all overgrown!

After the walk I had yoghurt, blue berries and strawberries, soya flakes and wheat germ:

(not such a good photo, sorry!).

@ work a bit busy and left late, then on bike and shopping in town and back @ home I had some homemade Chicken Tikka  (when I say homemade I mean I bought some Patak’s sauce and chicken @ the market and made it myself!) and then I grated cucumber and mixed it into some yoghurt and ate it all with a salad, somehow the tikka wasn’t as good as in the Indian restaurant around the corner though:

After lunch Daisy and I went for a walk for 45 mins:

When I got back I was feeling a bit peckish and ate half a banana and a handful of grapes

My daughter came home from Hort on her own, early as was last day of school before the Easter holidays and so she was ‘allowed’ home early.  She chillaxed whilst I did some more of our company work @ home and then I went for a 35 mins walk in the Hofgarten and met these ducks… see them sitting on the edge, there were some more further up as if they were waiting for something (have no idea what!):

After the walk I had the other half of the banana.  Then I made dinner and I had a beef salad with salad, peppers, spring onions, soya sprouts and peanuts:

(not a good photo… for some reason was too dark – sorry!).

Then one last dog walk along the Maximillianstrasse and through the Hofgarten for 30 mins.

So today walking and walking and hardly any carbohydrates which is good!  And another good thing is that today it’s the

5th day

of a diet in a row, which I haven’t managed for a while, I’ve usually given up or got bored or got hungry by the start of day 4, so am doing ok for the moment…. obviously no big feat but every day extra is a further ‘good’ day!

After writing this I am leaving early for my Sneak Cinema visit on the bike and taking the opportunity to go for a bike ride – the long way around to the cinema for about 45 mins or so.  Then Sneak (which I will report on tomorrow, but just for the record my tip for the night is: Mirror Mirror or Chronicle… let’s see if I am right!  Like I said I will report tomorrow if I am right!) and then bed time!  Seems like a long day probably because I have been so good and done some good walking!  So TTFN!

School holidays…!


Yes it’s that time again, School Holidays… which I find very hard!

The first one and a half days will be ok, as my daughter will be in Hort then but otherwise I have to think of things to entertain her and also what to feed her with which I don’t have to worry about usually!  It’s not really hard, it’s just I think I am the kind of person who likes to stick to routines and holidays are anything but routine!

Having said that – today my daughter went to play with  her friend and so didn’t have to worry about her!

Not only didn’t have to worry but I went to the cinema to see Hugo Cabret which I had missed @ the Sneak over the xmas holidays!  Plus it’s been nominated for LOADS of Oscars so was interested to see what all the fuss was about… and my verdict was it was ok, no idea if it deserves so many nominations, it addresses the development of film a bit as well as having a ‘nice’ story about an orphan box, maybe that’s what impressed the Academy…!

So basically I have nothing new to report, food was ok today, ate a bit too much as usual these days and don’t feel @ all in the Losing it in Munich mood and have no plan yet for next week, so let’s see how it goes…!  TTFN!

Relatively good day…!


Well today has gone fine food wise but as WE ALL KNOW it might not last…!  But keeping


it IS going well!

I decided enough was enough today and that I was going to have a few days JUST DRINKING HERBALIFE SHAKES!  And that is what I have done today!

But first walk in the English Garden in a little rain with my dog walk friend:


then @ work I had my usual berry bar:

After work I took Daisy home and went for a 1 hour swim!  Wehey… swimming, can’t remember when I last went swimming!

When I got back I had a shake made out of 250 ml fat-free milk and a mix of 2 shakes – Tropical fruit and the caramalised apple and cinnamon (no photo as so boring, but there is a photo of the shake I had for dinner which was the same but with bananas!).

Then when I got back Daisy and I went for a walk for just over an hour along the Isar which was really full from the snow and quick thaw:


After the dog walk I went into town on the bike to shop and on way I got a call from the Hort saying my daughter wasn’t feeling well and could I pick her up, which I said I would do, so shopping trip cut short!

However, after dropping my daughter @ home I carried on with the shopping trip and was back in no time!  When I got back I had a little snack of a small piece of brown bread, butter and honey:

Then dinner was the shake as before but with half milk and half yoghurt and a banana:

I ate it with a spoon to make it last a bit longer!

As hubby still away no half an hour dog walk in the evening, so just a quick walk around the block for 10 mins before settling down for the evening with my daughter and later my book!?!   TTFN!

Day 4…!


I made a BIG fuss about nothing yesterday, got on the scales today and had lost weight so all ok, looking back I actually did a quite a bit of exercise so that’s what saved me with the ‘extra’ snacks I had


today went absolutely fine again!

Walk in morning in absolutely lovely weather:


and the sun gave off some lovely colours/light on the buildings!

Breakfast as usual, berry bar:

Then I had to do some bureaucratic nonsense but went there on the bike, which took 25 mins there and 25 mins back!  Then I had a dentist appointment as I had toothache @ xmas and although it had gone again, I thought it best to check it up!  Which was good as it turns out I don’t need a filing or crowns, but my periodontal pockets need to be cleaned again (I’ve had this done before) and apparently it’s quite common, it’s only ME that doesn’t know ANYONE else who has to have it done!  Plus it’s quite painful!  What is means is that the gums go back or too far down and the sensitive part of the tooth is exposed!


On the way back some more photos of the lovely day, here the Munich University!

Then into town to spend money (unfortunately on nothing exciting!), then a quick visit to the accountants and then I decided to try the Thai again but to eat something I know, not like yesterday when I was a little disappointed and as an added bonus went there on the bike and as I’ve already mentioned before although it is not so far, only about 10 mins, it’s up a pretty steep hill!  Once there I ate:

Pad Thai and chicken which was very, very tasty (as always!)!

Then walk with Daisy along the Isar for just over an hour:


sun, sun, sun!

I then had to pick up the visa from the Russian embassy that I brought them yesterday and this time I took 2 pictures of the hill I have to cycle up, it is NOT STEEP but it just goes on quite a way and it’s fine I can stay in a high gear (well ok, only 5!, but still!):


well the pictures DO NOT DO THE HILL justice but I think it’s quite a ride up!

When I got back home had 2 small pieces of brown bread, butter and honey:

On the very quick walk to pick up my daughter from Hort, saw some more lovely lighting:


and a load of crows in the right hand picture!

For dinner I had a new thing from the French place around the corner from my house, a Quiche with courgette and goat cheese with a salad: tomatoes, cucumber, little sweet peppers, carrot and goats cheese (chopped into TINY bits):


here the tiny peppers (with my potato peeler as a guide to how small the sweet peppers are!).

Hubby out again so no more walks, but as was on the bike quite a lot today think it will be ok again!  We’ll see tomorrow!  TTFN!

Blogging bank holiday…!


Don’t know what else to call it… that I have been missing from the blog for a few days… since Thursday to be exact! Just haven’t had time and then my daughter had a medical emergency on Saturday so my mind was on that rest of weekend but will try and catch up!

The weather not been too good so although have had my morning walk for an hour (except @ the weekend!) in the English Garden, biking and other long walks have not really happened!

But here a few impressions from the day I’ve been missing, then I will follow on with today!:

Beautiful walks with strange skies and the tiny Thai restaurant with their new decorations on the walls and the food – Papaya Salad and a rice noodle dish with Thai Basil, a crow in a tree!

On Saturday late afternoon, my daughter decided to be a bit silly and try and climb a wall in our flat using something to stand on that was not very stable and she FELL OFF! And bumped her HEAD pretty badly on the wall, resulting in us taking her to an emergency clinic and having to have stitches! What a day that was!

Now back to reality and back to today:


the walk in the morning with crazy looking skies which were lovely in the morning but by 2pm had turned into RAIN!


my berry bar


Warm Glass noodle salad with big onions, Thai basil, chicken, chili and peanuts… tasted very nice!

As the weather was still ok, I decided to go on a bike ride  from the Thai to the Zoo down a really steeeeeep hill, as it started raining during the bike ride I was a bit worried in the rain that I would skid down the steep hill, but luckily didn’t. Then along the Isar @ the Zoo and home:

the Isar is really still quite low, despite the rain today!

@ home Daisy wasn’t @ all that keen on going out in the rain, so we had a very short walk around the house block, which takes just over 10 mins! But then something had come to the Packstation so I went to pick it up in the rain on the bike, getting pretty wet- a book for my daughter for xmas (because I am sooo organised.. not, actually this year I haven’t got it together too well but will get it sorted out soon!). I picked up my daughter from Hort early in case she was a bit tired after her ordeal @ the weekend and a school day, she was glad to come home early and was fine!

Dinner wasn’t very healthy and although not all that much it is not really for someone trying to lose weight, brown noodles with ketchup and cheddar cheese:

After dinner waited for hubby to come home so I could go for a walk with Daisy… but he didn’t come or by the time he came I didn’t feel like it as it was soooo cold, wet and LATE!

Again no weight update this week as although haven’t necessarily put on weight (or not much!), I haven’t really lost any either! Sorry folks! I suspect there won’t be much losing weight in the run up to xmas and then of course xmas food, but of course any ‘positive’ loss will be reported upon! Having said that, this is TYPICAL for an overweight person STRUGGLING to lose weight that it goes up and down ALL the time, the only difference for me @ the moment is that I am fighting to stay more or less the same weight and not put ON TOO MUCH!