I am starting anew…!  I am leaving the old information crossed out below for another month or so, but then I will delete that too.

So I am in the third week of my new start and I have already lost some weight but because I have put on so much weight since my last entry here and my last update here I cannot update until I am nearer to my last update here.

But I am very positive that it’s not going to take too long… I hope!

That’s it I’m afraid, nothing exciting to report.


The information BELOW is OLD, OLD, OLD, so here is the new GOAL,

10 kilos by 15th March 2012!


This shows how many grams(g), kilos (kg), pounds (lbs) and stone (St) ! I am losing:

The new update is exactly  a month after I wrote the last, here my UPDATE (11.11.11), my new goal is 5 kgs by 24.12.2011 which is 6 weeks away, not sure if it’s a realistic goal BUT WILL TRY!  Btw (= by the way!) I am not going to update every day like before as it is just too little a loss @ 100g or so, so I am going to update weekly now and I am not going to update like all others typically on a Monday BUT on a Tuesday!  This is because after a weekend where I normally eat a bit more and don’t do as much sport my weight loss might not show up as well (!?!), so will update on Tuesdays!

Date Grams lost Lbs/Stone lost Total Total
1 kg = 2.20462 lb Kilos lost Lbs/Stone lost
22.11.2011 0,8 1,763696 4,90 10,80
15.11.2011 0,4 0,881848 4,10 9,04
11.11.2011 0,1 0,220462 3,70 8,16
23.09.2011 0,1 0,220462 3,60 7,94
22.09.2011 0,1 0,220462 3,50 7,72
21.09.2011 0,1 0,220462 3,40 7,50
20.09.2011 0,2 0,440924 3,30 7,28
19.09.2011 0,1 0,220462 3,10 6,83
18.09.2011 0,4 0,881848 3,00 6,61
17.09.2011 0,4 0,881848 2,60 5,73
16.09.2011 1 2,20462 2,20 4,85
15.09.2011 0,4 0,881848 1,20 2,65
14.09.2011 0,8 1,763696 0,80 1,76

I have had to move my September weight loss down the page (to the end) as it’s no longer up to date!

I will start adding again tomorrow and if I am brave enough I will publish the few kilos I put on again… but let’s see (11.10.11).

I am afraid I am not brave enough to post my weight gain… so you won’t see any changes on here until I have lost what I have gained…!  Fingers crossed! (12.10.11)I’ve decided to add some goals here too – to keep me MOTIVATED:

By 21st Oct 5 kilos – I probably won’t manage that as 1 kg a week is the healthy way to do it…!  But you never know!

By 21st Nov another 2,5kg – which I hope should work!

By 21st Dec 2,5kg again!

Further goals i.e. for next year to follow!


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    • 🙂 you are absolutely right…! Well what can I say the blog is called ‘losing it’ and when I am not losing it I am too ashamed to write it down… but you are absolutely right why am I honest when it’s going down but not when it’s going UP! I will think about it and maybe change it…! Hope your weight is going down… not long now until you have to visit me and the scales…! 😉

      • Can’t wait!
        m ganna come and beat your records 😛
        It’s all about losing … so, wait for the big fat “loser” in Oct 17th!!!

        c u soon 🙂

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