I have lots of tips and tricks, all wouldn’t work if I didn’t…!


Keep a food and exercise diary!  I know, I know this is easier said than done!  Time, time, time!  That’s what you need!  I agree it takes a LOT of time but it’s easy once you start.  I try to fill in my book straight after food or exercise but usually I take just 5 mins out of my life in the evening before my read and going to sleep to fill it in.

The main thing about it is that you can see what you did last month that worked and why it’s not working now…!  I find that very useful!


Eat slowly – this can be achieved by chewing a lot, it also makes it taste better!  A way to do this is put the cutlery down between bites so you have to eat slowly!  It also allows you to savour all the tastes of the food and it apparently takes 20 mins for your food to get down to the part of your stomach that sends the signal to your brain “I AM FULL!”.  This is especially important when eating chocolate or sweets (if you have a sweet tooth – like I do!) then you can let the chocolate melt in your mouth and ‘suck’ the chocolate to savour it…!


Brush your teeth after every meal!  This, of course is nothing new and you probably all do it already (!) but it’s a great tip straight afterwards because I find with a toothpasty mouth lots of things don’t taste good – especially chocolate! 


Keep chocolate you don’t like in your house!  I love chocolate and sweet things as do my daughter and husband!  The way around it, is to have stuff in the house you don’t actually like yourself, e.g. I do not like Milchschnitte or Pingu (sure you have that in uk too, photo to follow!) both of which I do not like!


Buffets – HORROR!  I always eat too much @ a buffet, it all looks so good and I want to taste EVERYTHING!  But I have found a way around it – you get your plate and you fill it up, maybe even high on top BUT you just go ONCE to the buffet, you don’t go back AGAIN!  It really works for me!  Try it next time!


If you are going to a restaurant or a buffet – drink a LOAD of water before you leave so you sort of fill your stomach UP before hand and you go to the toilet a lot meaning you are not eating!


Keep busy…!  Not too busy, i.e. stressed out that you end up stress-eating, but enough so that you are not thinking about food all the time!


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