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It’s day 6 of being good…!


It’s going well… I am not too hungry and the weight is going down (it’s just not back @ its lowest it’s been on the blog yet so no updating I’m afraid!

The Sneak last night was My week with Marilyn…which I hadn’t predicted and I didn’t like it so much, I liked the idea and story and the main part – the boy, he was good but Marilyn wasn’t so good and Kenneth Branagh isn’t handsome enough to pull of Olivier!  I expect the book it much better and I will still read it!

I didn’t get up too late but somehow didn’t get out of the house until late and along the walk saw 2 ducks again on the Eisbach.. if you look in the distance you can see it is right by a very busy road (a ring road – 3 lanes)…:

I went through the Hofgarten and into the English Garden but only for a short way and back out again, along the way the sun was shining, although it was cold:

for a 45 mins walk!  Back @ home I decided to have just a little breakfast as it was so late and we’d be having lunch in 1 1/2 hours, so had a banana:

My daughter and I had some shopping to do before lunch so we went into town and near the lunch date we saw these:

A very POSH bunny and a Bunny taking revenge on the hunters (with a gun!)!

For lunch I had a baked potato and sour cream (but I put about 3/4 of the sour cream away and didn’t eat it) with salad and bits of beef:

and no cola zero today, I just stuck to water, only problem being we had to order extra as I drank so much!

Then we had a cinema date with my daughters friend and sent to see “Sams im Glück” based on a German children’s book about a mystical being with red hair and a pigs nose, otherwise human like who has spots which are wishes and this is the second in the series of books and also films, but they don’t seem to be translated into English can’t find any of Paul Maar’s books on Amazon…!  So my translation is Happy Sams (Sams are the beings and short for something to do with Saturday’s)!

After the cinema I wanted to make a vegetable soup but had no swede or turnip, so Daisy and I went back into town leaving my daughter playing stuff with her friend and we went to the organic supermarket and bought parsnip and swede, the walk there taking about an hour.  Then made the soup with a bit of chicken I had left over and I ate it beans and grated cheese (so swede, turnip, onions, carrots, leek, black-eyed peas, broad beans and two other kinds of beans which I have forgotten what they were called and although I had kept the paper from the tin I can’t find it now but when I do I will tell you the  other beans!):

After dinner I had 2 small bits of chocolate and although the picture IS VERY BAD AND VERY DARK, maybe you can see one piece of chocolate on my hand and one between my fingers to show how thin they are!  But I think it’s such a bad photo (no idea what happened!) that you might not be able to see:

Then my dog walking friend from the morning rang up and we met for a walk for another hour, so all in all, a lot of walking, not much eating and things are going good!  I’m happy to say I haven’t had 6 good days in a row for


so that’s great and I hope to keep going with the vein operation and losing weight for the anaesthetic @ the back of my mind!  So TTFN!

A cold spell… again!


It’s got suddenly really cold again… I had already stopped wearing tights but… now have to get them out again it’s so cold!  Nevertheless walk for an hour this morning:


I took pictures here of the blossoms but also as a comparison so you can see how it will be in a few weeks when it’s all overgrown!

After the walk I had yoghurt, blue berries and strawberries, soya flakes and wheat germ:

(not such a good photo, sorry!).

@ work a bit busy and left late, then on bike and shopping in town and back @ home I had some homemade Chicken Tikka  (when I say homemade I mean I bought some Patak’s sauce and chicken @ the market and made it myself!) and then I grated cucumber and mixed it into some yoghurt and ate it all with a salad, somehow the tikka wasn’t as good as in the Indian restaurant around the corner though:

After lunch Daisy and I went for a walk for 45 mins:

When I got back I was feeling a bit peckish and ate half a banana and a handful of grapes

My daughter came home from Hort on her own, early as was last day of school before the Easter holidays and so she was ‘allowed’ home early.  She chillaxed whilst I did some more of our company work @ home and then I went for a 35 mins walk in the Hofgarten and met these ducks… see them sitting on the edge, there were some more further up as if they were waiting for something (have no idea what!):

After the walk I had the other half of the banana.  Then I made dinner and I had a beef salad with salad, peppers, spring onions, soya sprouts and peanuts:

(not a good photo… for some reason was too dark – sorry!).

Then one last dog walk along the Maximillianstrasse and through the Hofgarten for 30 mins.

So today walking and walking and hardly any carbohydrates which is good!  And another good thing is that today it’s the

5th day

of a diet in a row, which I haven’t managed for a while, I’ve usually given up or got bored or got hungry by the start of day 4, so am doing ok for the moment…. obviously no big feat but every day extra is a further ‘good’ day!

After writing this I am leaving early for my Sneak Cinema visit on the bike and taking the opportunity to go for a bike ride – the long way around to the cinema for about 45 mins or so.  Then Sneak (which I will report on tomorrow, but just for the record my tip for the night is: Mirror Mirror or Chronicle… let’s see if I am right!  Like I said I will report tomorrow if I am right!) and then bed time!  Seems like a long day probably because I have been so good and done some good walking!  So TTFN!

Lovely day but coooold…!


It looked like a wonderfully warm day, but by the end of the day, although sun was shining it was COOOOLD!

Nevertheless 1 hour walk in the morning in the English Garden:

in the last picture on the right there is actually a DUCK on a branch of the tree but it’s not very easy to see!  So just look at the lovely sky!

Breakfast @ home (no stress like yesterday!) was yoghurt, soya flakes, wheatgerm, a bit of kiwi, blackberries and 2 strawberries:

After shopping @ the English Food shop – although I am off to the UK next week (!), I bought some small tins of baked beans:

a small tin, if I get the big tin I end up eating what’s left over although I don’t really want it!

As the shop is near the Isar I decided to go for a bike ride to the Zoo!  Here some scenes along the way.

I haven’t been on this bike ride for AGES and I thought it would be easy peasy just like always.  It was ok and I managed it fine but it wasn’t that easy peasy after all, I found myself riding a bit slower and in a lower gear and sort of dawdling along on some parts and it did indeed take longer 45 mins instead of the record last year of about 35 mins…!

Back @ home I made my fried egg and baked beans, I added mushrooms into the pan before the egg and as I knew you wouldn’t be able to see it very well when it had been fried, I took a picture of the mushrooms before I added the egg!?!:




with the fried egg and baked beans…. However I didn’t manage totally and ended up eating a cream cracker (newly purchased from the English food shop for my daughter and I!) with butter, but just


Daisy and I went for a walk after lunch along the Isar where it had warmed up a bit so we took the long way along the Isar and it took about 1 hour 30 mins:

the weather doesn’t actually look that nice in the photos but it was a sunny warm day!

When I got home it was already time to pick up my daughter as she wanted to be picked up early again and when we got back I had a snack of a banana and some grapes:

Walk with Daisy was just a quick one to the market so she could check if any sausages had fallen down @ the sausage hot dog stand…!  Alas, there were none.

My daughter had one of these that I had bought @ the English shop and wanted to share as they are quite sweet, they are Malteser bunnies which you can see on the side – the chocolate bunny (!) and if you check out the package they are actually called MaltEaster (mini bunnies) on the packet… so sweet… I mean the packet not the chocolate:

Then it was dinner time and I had 2 small jacket potatoes and a little cheddar cheese, beetroot and half a portion of cottage cheese as well as a salad with tomatoes, cucumber, soya sprouts:

As hubby was home had work to do in the evening too…!  Then a quick walk with Daisy as wanted to watch tv (!?), then to finish this and later off to read in bed!  So far the book Escape the diet trap is very scientific-y which is good too as one is learning about the body and how it works on fat and energy etc but a bit boring, but seems interesting!  Looking forward to getting to the bit about how you do an Escape the diet trap DIET!  TTFN!

A fine day…!


It was better than a fine day, but was stuck for a title…!

And actually the day started of pretty badly… hubby called me at 7:45 am and said I need to help him sort a lorry out… which meant pay a bill…!  This meant no walk with Daisy and having to go to a Lorry garage to pay a bill so that the driver could get the lorry!  So just a quick 10 mins walk around the block, then the bank and then into rush hour traffic (lovely… NOT!) to pay the lorry bill!

This also meant I was late for my other work (i.e. not our own company work!) and as was stressed I bought a spicy salami and thin slices of parmesan flute for breakfast:

I was half an hour late for work but I had warned ‘the Boss’, then after work I had to sort something else before lunch, and then lunch…. was also not so good… I suppose I was unable to resist after my stressful morning (!) – excuses, excuses eh!  I had a Glass noodle salad with minced chicken:

which was very spicy… but it was nice that it was toooo spicy!  After the ‘bad’ lunch I decided to go for a

long walk to burn off the calories!:

well for 1 hour 20 mins along the Isar… here you can see the blue sky and the nice weather:

and the trees blossoming, well the one on the right nothing and the one on the left with yellow flowers, the right hand picture showing the yellow blossoms up close!:

After the walk and before picking up my daughter for piano I had a banana!

I must say bananas are really hard to photograph without looking like something else (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!) in the end I put it on the sofa to take the photo!

Little walk with Daisy to do some last minute shopping and then I made this:

its asparagus (steamed) with a small jacket potato with a little cheddar cheese grated onto the potato and asparagus, beetroot and a salad with salad, tomatoes, cucumber and soya sprouts, it was very good!

and pretty HEALTHY!

Last walk of the day with Daisy after hubby got home, took about half an hour!

Now I am going back to reading my Escape the diet trap book before going to sleep!  Still not ready to report about it yet though, so bear with me!  TTFN!

A good day… weather and food-wise!


Today was a lovely day… although a little cold, the skies were blue and the sun was shining and definitely much


than snow!

Here the sun coming up in the English Garden where I was for my morning walk with a my dog walking friend and her dog who is more or less back to his old self, well after his virus on the brain he is learning to be a dog again!  Just over an hour:

Back @ home I had a yoghurt, soya flakes, wheat germ and strawberry breakfast:

No work today but had work @ home to do and then went into town for some shopping and then back @ home I made myself some roast red peppers and courgette with avocado and haloumi cheese and a green salad with tomatoes and peppers:

Then Daisy and I went for a 50 mins walk along the Isar


where it was sunny!  Then I picked up my daughter and had small snack, half a bread roll, butter and honey:

A quick walk with Daisy but only for 15 mins!  Then I made dinner which was quite a lot tonight (well more than I usually have but on a small plate!) and it took a long time!  It was very thinly sliced beetroot, then courgette and potato grated and mixed with a few breadcrumbs and a bit of egg and fried, and on top of that salmon together with a salad with tomatoes and peppers, here the development of the meal:

first the beetroot, then the courgette/potato fried up things, then the salmon and then the final ‘deal’!

It was really very good!

I then went for a walk with Daisy for 30 mins but it took a bit longer as I met a mother from my daughters class and we chatted about…

sports and diets…! 

And it was as the sun went down, hence the lovely photo:

Oh I did have some chocolate… see my previous post about chocolate… I couldn’t resist, I also felt it was ok after reading the article.. wink, wink!

I forgot to take a photo but I ate 3 pieces of a 70% cocoa chocolate (although it did have strawberries in it as couldn’t find a just high percentage cocoa chocolate i.e. one with just chocolate!).   So all in all a good day, I am trying to keep the idea of my operation in April for my veins in my head (not having an operation on the veins in my head… I mean I have the operation in my thoughts!) and wanting to lose some weight before the operation!  So to a another good day tomorrow, TTFN!


I was sent this by a reader who obviously realises I quite like chocolate and its good news… I think:

all sounds good to me… hi hi… what with me liking chocolate!

It’s just a shame it’s not ‘conclusive’ but we can pretend!

This is just a little aside post, the real post for the day will be later!   TTFN!

Good news for chocolate fans… i.e. me!

MIA (= Missing in Action)…!


It’s not quite true.. I have been missing from the blog but




i.e. I have not been doing a lot of action… like sports or anything!  I have been busy with work but not in a good way!

Having said that I did go for a bike ride last night in the ‘daylight’ hours (YES, YES, YES, @ last light again in the evening and not the dark, dark, dark NIGHT @ 5pm!) to the 2nd bridge of my bridges tour, as I was not sure how I would manage it having not been for a few months and also I wasn’t sure how long it would be light.  As it turned out I managed it in normal time – 45 mins – but I was pretty tired and I had a

beetroot red

face when I got back… but am very glad I did and I have to keep it up!

I’m afraid there is not so much to report in the last couple of weeks – I’ve been busy with hubby’s work and stuff @ my daughter’s school and just bits and bobs!  And food has been so so, some days good some days not so good and I’m only reporting in now and cannot promise when the next post will be!

Today was a lovely day, like my last post the temperatures have been around 20°C, although today was only 17°C but that is still very nice and no tights or jackets needed so that’s definitely a step in the right direction!  Walk this morning was lovely for an hour:


as you can see pretty sunny!

Breakfast was a yoghurt, strawberries and soya flakes, forgot photo!  Busy @ work and lunch was some chicken and noodles (not very healthy and not very losing it in Munich, but I am only just starting again!):

but I did ask for a smaller portion and then the lady who puts the not noodle part in wanted to put more noodles in and I had to stop her and tell her I had said stop to the noodle spoon!

Then Daisy and  I went for a short walk only 30 mins on way to picking up my daughter who wanted to be picked up early!  She actually went out to play and I worked @ home and then went out for another 30 mins walk in the Hofgarten,

Then I made pasta for dinner for my family and I had a salad with parmesan slices (sliced very thinly on my cheese cutter!), tomatoes, avocado and half a dessert spoon of olive oil and the same of balsamic vinegar, I actually wanted a joghurty-type-caesar dressing on it but as I was measuring the oil and vinegar directly onto the salad I realised too late that I had wanted the caesar-type dressing (!):

Daisy and I went out for another 30 mins walk after this and although I had more work to do I have managed to write this quick post before I want to read my new book:

I haven’t got to the theory part of why you have to escape the diet trap yet but it’s still pretty good so far!  Also I am a bit tired after the clocks changing on Saturday night, I am not quite used to the 1 hour later although I am liking it from the point of view that it is light in the evening (as mentioned above!), hope to post on the blog a bit more this week or @ least not with such a LOOONG gap as the last one, SORRY!  TTFN!