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I have some special scales which do not just measure your weight but also other things.

What does it weigh, I hear you say…? Well, it weighs your muscles, water content, bones, fat, a value of the fat around your organs, a value of the overall state of your body in terms of how the fat, muscle and fat around your organs shape up and how many calories you actually need to maintain your body if it did nothing.

This calorie value is good in that it shows you how many calories you would have to eat to lose weight or to maintain or for those wanting to put on weight, how much they’d need! So you take the calorific value and take off about 250/300 calories which then gives you a value you should stick to if you want to lose weight. It is also quite interesting because I have measured people on the scales and they have a really low calorie intake scale which means that it is very hard to lose weight as they only need a small amount to mainting their weight, so losing weight can prove really hard having to really cut down on calories to make the weight budge!

The fat and muscles measurement is very good in terms of seeing not only if you are losing weight but also the deciding factor which is if you are building muscles up @ the same time, as muscles (although they weigh more than fat), use up more energy than fat. However I do not step on these scales every day, I do it about once a month otherwise you can make yourself CRAZY…!

Busy again…!


Busy all day again!  Today was a school-free day so my daughter had to go to the after school place (Hort) but we were able to get up later than normal!  Didn’t have to be there until 8:30 am instead of 8 am!  But it also meant I couldn’t go for an hour walk, only went for 30 mins along the Isar:

where it was foggy and COLD!

Then work which was quite busy and then straight after work for a swim for an hour, was in hurry as due to meet the Winner of my Weight Loss Challenge (held @ the beginning of the year) to get weighed (as he still visits me regularly to get weighed on my special scales) and I asked him to join me at the Falafel place as I know he likes Falafel and I managed to get the swimming done in time and then we went and I ate a mixed plate (falafel and meat) whereas he was very good and held back and ate a Falafel in Pita bread i.e. sandwich-like!  My food:

but he had to remind me to take a photo of my meal, so that is why there is a bit missing!

Then I headed off to the Olympic stadium for a bike ride:


but took a bit of a shortened version and back via the English Garden and here the christmas market around the Chinese Tower in the English Garden, but still took an hour and 7 mins and my legs were FREEEEZING in tights!

Then picked up Daisy and took her along the Isar to pick up my daughter from Hort for 30 mins, as she didn’t have to go so long today on the school-free day!


am on the other side of the Isar this time and you can see the logs stuck there and in the second picture the long plank is still there (after the second damn bit its on the left!), I have taken photos of this before!

I went shopping in town a bit and then ate:

a Carrot and Pumpkin sour and a mixed salad!

As hubby not home couldn’t go for evening dog walk and also meant I was forced (well OK, tempted and not able to resist) eating a little bit of chocolate which my daughter shared:

not good but it wasn’t the WHOLE bar is what I am thinking!  So not that bad!  I am a bit tired today, I think the cold really got to me on the bike ride today, it was no more than 4°C today!  So that’s all for today folks!  TTFN