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Schwabing is a very swish and trendy part of Munich, it has lots of little shops and the University is there so lots of Students live there! It also looks pretty nice and the English Garden runs through most of Schwabing!



I had my doctor’s appointment today in preparation to having my veins sorted… and it was a bit embarrassing, more later…!

First the beginning of the day, walk was lovely, very mild weather, no scarf, gloves or hat anymore, although I did wear my winter jacket!

Back @ home I had my yoghurt, half a banana, 3 big  strawberries, some cashews and walnuts and soya flakes:

I had work to do @ home and then I had my doctor’s appointment with the doctor who will operate my veins.

Here comes the embarrassing bit, but only TO ME I suppose… I had to take my tights off for him to have a look @ my veins and I just felt terribly embarrassed showing my fat legs!  End result is that I only need my right leg doing right now.  ‘Doing’ means they will pull my vein out… apparently it is really quite big, a few cm and in the old days (or even now in the UK), they leave them and in the end they burst…!  The Germans think it’s better to pull the veins as a precaution as the damage it does later or the longer you leave it more needs to be done which costs more…!

Then I went to a lovely small Bagel shop called Bagels and Muffins in Schwabing and I had what is called a Lox Bagel – salmon, lovely mustard and tomato:

and it was delicious, I took the English Garden route home:

Then I picked up Daisy and we went for a walk along the Isar:


Along the way the lamp post with the little statue of a bishop which I have posted before but I thought it might look better in the sun and also the Maximillinaeum (the Bavarian government).

Here some other




This walk took just over an hour and I met a mother from a boy in our class and we talked for ages and then I was nearly late for picking up my daughter for her piano lesson!

Whilst she was there I went walking around town and shopping etc.  For dinner I sort of made a complete mish mash of a dish and I was really worried that it would taste horrible but it ended up being quite nice!  So what was it:

bits of smoked salmon I had left, some prawns, about 60g of cold noodles (I had made too many for hubby’s dinner!), some sweetcorn, 4 cherry tomatoes and a few slices of parmesan cheese and 2 pieces of crisp bread and butter:

As hubby is back I was able to go for a walk which I did along the Isar for about 45 mins!

When I got back I had the other half of the banana from breakfast!

So I have my appointment to have my vein pulled (in April!) and it will be even more embarrassing then…as lots of people will see my fat legs!  The next time I go there it’s to have black lines drawn on my legs so the doctor knows where my veins are… I find that pretty funny!  So @ least one good thing about it!  But STILL