A little catch up…!


I am so really busy, which was something I hadn’t planned @ the start of the blog!

I have a lot of work, mostly to do with our company and mostly to do with personnel stuff, so totally BORING!

But I have a few impressions from the last month or so… probably longer!

Here are some of the walk pictures, although I have not been walking as much.  I am managing my one hour in the morning where I meet my dog walking friend and her dog, and the other walks are much shorter and apart from dashing to things like shopping and little errands, only involving a bike ride of, @ the most 30 mins, I am not biking either:

there’s been a lot of weather (!) – we’ve had everything, lots of sun and blue skies (more of the skies later!) but also darkness and rain, although not too cold – luckily!

Munich has had lots of cultural views:

At the Haus der Kunst there is a Camouflage-like decoration, there was a blue installation and a pretend stone around the city centre, unfortunately I have no idea why they were there!

We also had Stanley Tunick do a photo session in Munich covering Wagner’s Ring which involved black and red painted people and the red paint came off the people onto Munich’s landmarks where he was photographing and it was a bit of a scandal:

here you can see a few bits left over which are being removed, some involving a hot-gun-thingy with a really hot flame coming out of it to burn off the paint (I don’t know what they are called in English – some kind of torch-thingy!)!

Me walking and biking along the Isar and a little tractor/mower thing showing off how organised the English Garden gardeners are:

As mentioned above, here some pictures of the Munich sky:

And here some of the sky of a darker colour:

Also a few funny pictures:

the first picture shows where you can ‘park’ your dog outside a shop and if you double-click on the 2nd picture you will find the word ‘eyüp’ which is a very Cumbrian expression!

Again a few sky pictures!

I’ve posted pictures of this Mae West statue in Munich, but never this near:

The Eisbach runs under a bridge and there seems to be quite a damn of sticks caught up:

@ the weekend there was an event in the English Garden around the Chinese Tower (Chinesischer Turm), which is always in July and involved Bavarian dancing (all woman in Dirndl’s and the men in Lederhosen) early in the morning.  As far as I could find out it’s a party of the people who work there i.e. the waiters and waitresses who start celebrating early in the morning and by the time we got there for a walk @ about 9:30 am it was in full swing, unfortunately it was completely packed and I couldn’t take a photo as there were too many people and it would have just looked like a mass of people but here you can see a mass of bikes parked nearby (!):

it was also very loud!

So really today this is a blog about Munich and the SKY and not about losing weight in Munich, but I decided I should @ least let you know I was still here!  TTFN!


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