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This is the Bosnian word for Daddy and as hubby is from Bosnia he likes being called Tata and my daughter likes it too!

Two for one!


For some reason, I don’t really know what happened but I forgot to blog a post last night!

So here’s yesterday:

This was my food – if you look @ it like this it looks so little but I don’t feel like it is!

First the shake with banana and strawberry, chicken and cooked cabbage, an apple, a lemon Herbalife Protein bar and in the evening a shake with blue berries, strawberries and nectarine.


1 hour in the morning, then a swim for an hour, and later an hour walk in the thunder and rain!

Unfortunately I also ate some Marzipan in the early evening after dinner but I a) forgot to photograph it and b) it wasn’t so much so don’t think it would really make a big difference!

Then today:

walk in the morning for an hour:

in lovely blue skies!

Breakfast which I made and took to work – a shake with strawberries and blue berries:

After work I went for a swim for 1 hour and after that I picked up my daughter from her last day @ school before the half term holidays and found her comic in the display case:

hard to see I know but it’s about a made-up Agent Vanessa…!

We then went to lunch with my mother:

I had a chicken salad… however I did have some white bread – 2 half slices… and I even think I put some butter on them but sod it – wasn’t so naughty!!

Then my daughter and I went home to pack my daughter’s things for her holiday with her Tata!  Then it was time for them to leave which was a little sad… but I got down to being busy straight away so as not to think about it!  First I went to the lawyers to drop off some papers:

along the way I saw this BIG RED motorbike with a picture of Jesus on the petrol tank… what is that… surely he needs St. Christopher not Jesus – he is the patron Saint protecting one during travel…!

Then out with Daisy and then I went to the cinema to see American Pie – The Reunion which was funny and entertaining but nothing special!

Back @ home I had my shake with strawberries, nectarine and blue berries:

Then I called my morning dog walk friend and we arranged to go for another dog walk along the Isar for 50 mins:

where there was a nice sun set.

Back @ home I had a lemon Herbalife Protein Bar as I am off to my Sneak and decided I needed a little something:

So that was my last 2 days – i.e. the title two days for one!  Soon I am off to the Sneak, I will report tomorrow and I will actually be going to the cinema quite a lot in the next few days whilst my family is gone as I have the time, TTFN!


Day ONE of my new life…!


Day started well with a nice walk in the morning with my ‘old ‘ dog walking partner for just under an hour!  Then off to work where I ate my Herbalife Berry Bar:

After work I bought the dish below, which was 2 small Steaks, roast potatoes, ham, onions and Brussel Sprout leaves, which as a person who is not so keen on Brussel Sprouts I was very surprised that they tasted really good, they added the leaves at the end of the frying of the roast potatoes, ham and onions:

After lunch I went off on my favourite Isar River walks taking just over an hour:


The usual view along the walk of the Isar, some nice sawn logs and a very nice house that I wouldn’t mind living in!


I’ve walked past this about 300 million times and never noticed it and it looks like a HEART if you look closer!  And here another view of the Isar through the trees!

I dropped Daisy off @ home and after visiting the Accountant with some papers and doing a bit of work there I went for a bike ride along the Isar to the Zoo for just under an hour:

which was VERY GRAY and a little wet as had started raining as soon as I set off!  I had taken a banana with me as a snack but as it was raining I didn’t stop to eat it and it was a bit bruised sitting in the back of my bike basket so I decided to eat it as Mashed Banana, which was DELICIOUS!

After doing some more work @ home, hubby turned up and so I sent him off to pick up her daughter as a surprise for her as she loves her Tata and loves it when he picks her up as they go to the corner shop on the way home and she gets some kind of treat from him – today some chocolate!

Late afternoon I had another snack, 2 small pieces of Walnut bread, with butter and honey:

Some more work and then made dinner for my daughter and I had:

One slice of brown toast with a little butter, then Breaded Camembert heated up in the oven until the Camembert melts, with cranberry sauce on top of the toast and some on the side and I really wanted some salad but didn’t have any so had to improvise and had carrot, cucumber and shredded cabbage on the side.  Was a bit of a mish mash really but tasted ok, well the mix was a bit strange.

Note to myself must buy some salad tomorrow..!

Had to do some MORE WORK in the evening and so I had no time for a real walk so just around the block with Daisy but I think maybe I have done quite a lot of sport today considering I have


over the


All in all I am happy with how the day has gone, have managed to keep the food under control and did some sport, hope tomorrow goes as well…