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The Isar runs through Munich and is huge…! It starts at the Karwendel in Tirol and ends opposite Deggendorf where it joins the Danube! It’s 295 km long!

0°C… yes 0°C… that proves it… COOOLD!


Just in case you haven’t noticed I think it’s cold… soooo cold!  Morning walk had fog everywhere from the warm water against the cold air:

Work today and my berry bar @ work:

note me being silly with my berry bar and btw I said “Hi”!

After work I went straight swimming for an hour, came home and had this for lunch:

a spicy salami flute with parmesan and a ‘Bread’ salad… which I have never had I am not sure if it’s french but it was peppers, spring onions, tomatoes, chicken and roasted bread pieces.   The bread pieces were probably roasted in trizillions of fat but seeing as the portion is not very big I don’t think it’s that bad and it tasted good!

After lunch Daisy and I went along the Isar but only a shortened version taking 45 mins:


a cleared up path along the Isar River walk and a meeting of ducks (waiting for some bread to be thrown in!) in the Isar and here you can see that the River is quite low (as the papers keep saying there is a drought no rain for 35 days – apparently!) and here you can see lots of the stones which you don’t normally but it’s not that low!

Then I was feeling very sporty and despite the COOOLD (have I mentioned that before!) I decided to go for a bike ride but I was too cold to stop and take a photo, the ride took 1 hour 15 mins and when I got off my bike I nearly stumbled as my feet were so cold I couldn’t feel them!

Then piano lesson time and I went shopping whilst my daughter was there – an advents calendar and salad!  Great combination eh!

When I got back had a snack – 1/2  a brown olive bread roll with butter, marmite and cheddar cheese:

So you’ve guessed it my dinner was the salad I had picked up during the piano lesson:

The ‘Paris’ salad which is goats cheese, salad, peppers, grapes, walnuts and bean sprouts and the other half of the brown walnut bread roll with butter and it was goooood!

Daisy and I went for a walk for 30 mins after dinner and now it’s time to read, so TTFN!