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means… mixing up all the vegetables and soup and lentils with a whizzer…! I actually have a long thing with knives @ the end that cuts the vegetables etc all up into tiny pieces or in this case into such small pieces they turn into liquid! No idea where the word comes from, probably another family tradition word!

Confession time…!


@ last I am back!  I have been doing the Orange diet… with me it’s really a case of learning by


and nobody else’s, so although I thought I would probably fail I had to try it…

Basically you eat the same for breakfast every day which is an ORANGE (yes funny that, what with it being called the ‘Orange Diet’!), a cup of tea without milk and sugar (which is fine by me as only drink fruit tea anyway!) and a zwieback  rusk, then you eat an orange for the first few days with your lunch wwith sour cream and a rusk and dinner starts with half a lettuce and an orange and it progresses to eating meat and cheese and then after 5 days you repeat twice, all in all for 15 days…

I failed on day 5!  I didn’t find it too hard and it wasn’t even boring, I was happy to be eating a bit more on the days when you had a piece of turkey/meat and it was all going fine.  I wasn’t doing any sports, well nothing other than the walks with Daisy, BUT by the

5th day I


bored and most probably because I was


and so failed half way through day 5!  Then of course Friday and the weekend were a bit of a blur as far as food is concerned because having been STARVED I wanted to catch up!  And now it’s Monday and I’ve come to my senses again!

But I’ve decided I need a bit of a break and to not treat myself so harshly!  Also it will be decided tomorrow whether I am going to have an operation…..

everyone holding their breath…!

It’s a routine operation to have my veins on my leg done, actually on both legs!

So now I come to my day today and I’ve decided to eat ‘normally’ with the fact that I am supposed to be dieting in the back of my mind but not being too strict with myself!

This meant walk in the morning:


for just over an hour with my dog walk friend with the sun coming up (see 1st 2 pictures!) and in the cold, see 3rd picture the water on the end of the branch in the river FROZEN!

@ work I ate  a anti pasti vegetable and parmesan focaccia (!) – new @ the shop where I buy the flute’s and I just had to try it… obviously not really a breakfast thing being a savoury dish but it was really good:

Can’t see it very well I know, but couldn’t open it for the photograph as it would have fallen apart!  After work I had to go to the post and do some other errands so did them hoping it wouldn’t take long to do them quickly before lunch!  Well, as I wasn’t on my bike and on foot and with the snow, the post office, the recycling, the dry cleaning and picking up something from the Packstation took just over an hour!  Totally unexpeected that it would take sooo long… biking is so time saving!  I decided to pick up a Pad Thai with Tofu and Chicken @ the Thai place:

(archive photo!).

After lunch I went for a walk with Daisy for about 45 mins and back home for some work and I ate an orange as a snack before picking my daughter up!  Before this I also made a vegetable lentil soup to eat for dinner, which I did later after doing homework with my daughter:

it had onions, carrots, a leek, red lentils, and swede in it and then I whizzed it and it was really very good, my daughter even ate half a bowl full before she decided it might be too healthy for her and stopped!  I ate 2 crispbreads with butter (one with cheddar cheese too!) and it was good!  Not that it shouldn’t be but it wasn’t hard to make and it tasted better than I thought it would. 

After dinner Daisy and I went out for a walk for about 30 mins but it was a quick 30 mins as a little snow storm started as soon as we set off and we walked a bit quicker than normal I think!  Plus we came back looking like Yeti’s all covered in snow on our fronts … i.e. if you looked at our backs there was hardly any snow as we had walked against the snow!  Wish me luck tomorrow @ the doctor’s appointment, although they are just measuring my veins actually, so although it is not such a nice thing having your legs covered in ultra sound liquid that is very goo-ey and cold, @ least it doesn’t hurt… not yet anyway!  So TTFN!