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Nothing special…!


Sorry didn’t post yesterday I a) didn’t have time and b) was snacking in the afternoon so didn’t feel up to it to write about it!

Walk in morning was nice as always:


with lots of autumn!

Lunch was Pad Thai with chicken and tofu again:


with a Petit four as a desert, not very big one – smaller than the my palm!

In the evening I went to my Sneak and it was OK, nothing special although funny – Real Steel –

As usual it got late and was wound up because of the film,  so I was still awake @ 2:30 am!

But up @ 9 am… of course!  Was bumbling about all morning with housework and bits and bobs and didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast but lovely day (very autumny) on quick walk with Daisy around the block:


but lunch was:

a Pumpkin pancake with special ‘Mountain’ cheese (Bergkäse) melted on top and a salad with Pumpkin seeds on top!  Tasted nice!

Spent the whole afternoon doing housework stuff… I actually felt good about it, as sorted loads of stuff, sideboards that needed sorting out and also did 2 loads of washing!  No sports though!

Had half a pizza for dinner a Diabola pizza (which is spicy salami and chilli) but I only ate half of it!  Forgot to photograph it too!

Tomorrow I am going to a reading of my other step-cousins book in the Münchner Kammerspiele Theater of his new book – his third, so should be good!  And after that maybe to the Westbad (fancy swimming pool!) with my daughter and her friend!  So TTFN!


So mild…!


No headache but still very mild, not warm to leave a coat @ home, but very Alp-like air causing headaches although I don’t have one today!  Walk was alone today (of course with Daisy!):


if you look closely @ the picture in the middle you can see Daisy walking on the other side of the Eisbach (little River, part of Isar!), for some reason she went on the other side on this part of the walk!

Then I had to go to the Infernal (!) Revenue (Finanzamt = Internal Revenue) for some papers which I couldn’t get as didn’t have the proper papers with me…! TYPICAL!  Was so frustrated decided to take the long way (1 hour) bike ride home via the Olympic Stadium again:


First pic you can see the silly Mini a little better and even better in the middle picture and on the 3rd pic just a pic of the swimming pool and tower!

After the bike ride I went swimming for an hour!

Lunch was Sushi:

the Spring rolls not a good idea and I had 3 other plates of sushi which I forgot to photograph.

Daisy and I went for walk after lunch for 35 mins (shortened version as my daughter wanted to be picked up earlier today!).

2 snacks in the afternoon:

lemon protein bar and an apple (no photo!).

Dinner was very quick as in hurry:

A bread roll with butter and marmite and cheddar cheese as well as beetroot and apple and then pressed together!  Yummy!

Then I went to a reading of my step-cousin newest book quite late @ 8:30 so won’t have time to blog about that but will involve a bike ride there! So TTFN!

Headache because of weird weather… but still going well!


Woke up with headache as it is weird weather, a very mild day… cold but warm but chilli but warm… weird just like I said!

But walk in morning nice:

Was @ work when I got a call from my daughter’s teacher, I have to pick her up as she had just been sick in the break… she’d been sick in her lunch box…!  So she had to come to work with me as still had stuff to do!

Then I had lunch with her best friends mother and wanted to cancel but my daughter said she’d stay @ home and I could go… so I did and it was a sort of Italian restaurant but also with Greek and Yugoslavian… so I suppose it’s a Mediterranean kind of restaurant where I ate chicken on Mediterranean Vegetables and sour cream and it was very good:

When I got home I had a mini small Kit Kat for desert:

they are smaller than normal Kit Kat’s and they are only 2 fingers instead of 4… so not that bad!

I had to do some kind of sport and Daisy needed to go out so my daughter let me go out again (!?) and Daisy and I went for an 45 mins walk.

Then I was @ home with my daughter doing homework and stuff and then she said she was well enough to go to Piano lesson so we did!

Whilst she was @ piano I bought a hot cross bun but ate only 1/2 of it:

not good but I just had a sweet tooth again!  But I did throw the other half away!

Then home and I made my daughter some food and ate the salad I had bought whilst she was @ her piano lesson:

was with goat cheese, grapes, walnuts, lots of peppers and salad BUT NO BREAD!  Decided against the bread because of the kit kat and hot cross bun!

Hubby on the go again so didn’t get a chance for an evening walk and anyway decided was too cold and dark, as clocks go back this weekend so that’s why its getting dark so early!  No idea what scales will say tomorrow as have had the kit kat and hot cross bun and hardly did any sport of biking or walking… so let’s see! TTFN!

What can I say… still going well!


Pretty cold but sunny again and lovely walk, chatting and the dogs playing… well the dog from the dog walk lady… Daisy just walked whilst the other dog chases a tennis ball! The sun was in the distance:

Breakfast was some bread and ham:

No work today so I went for a swim for an hour!  Then I had a Thai for lunch Beef, broccoli, carrot, soya beansprouts, beans, baby sweetcorn and rice noodles (although I took half of the noodles away and didn’t eat them!):


and because I was soooo proud of myself for putting half of the noodles away I decided to have the last chocolate flake thingy!

Then walk with Daisy but we went the other way around the Isar…!

Where I met the autumn in full swing:


leaves everywhere… so much you can’t see the path and in the middle of the Isar a fisherman… have to zoom into last picture here to see him probably!

I usually pass the bridge in the distance on the other way around!

Then an apple for a snack when I got back:

I’ve forgotten what sort of apple this is… it’s a new one, which the Apple stall @ the Thursday market here has developed and say they didn’t get many off the trees this time but hopefully next year and I won’t get them next week, should have bought more…!

Then I went for a bike ride along the Isar for 45 mins, where I saw:


a really old tree, the bridge from my bike (lucky I didn’t fall off whilst taking the photo!) and then the lovely sun in the distance along the Isar in the third pic!

After I picked my daughter up I ate half a brown roll with butter and honey:

After doing some bits and bobs @ home like cooking for my daughter and hubby, I ate a chicken soup that my mother had made and had as left overs, with a salad and also although some may shudder when I say this – I added 7 small Russian Pilmeni (ravioli type with minced meat!) because it doesn’t really fit together – chicken and mince, but it did fit in the soup very well and was delicious:

like I say it was DELICIOUS…!

After dinner, I managed to go for another dog walk through town with Daisy for half an hour and now I have to do some work for hubby and then its off to bed to read… my new book is nearly finished and it’s brilliant and soooo funny…:

so TTFN!

Carry on… going well…!


So, so far its still going well, no cold turkey type symptoms!  Walk in morning was cooold but a little sunny and the day progressed to be pretty sunny (see photos later!).  Walk was nice although Daisy being a bit naughty (more than usual!) and kept stopping to eat stuff off the ground – you’d think she was on a diet!?  I think they are some kind of nut things lying around, no idea but bloody annoying!  Anyway no photos this morning and work was nice as was told I could leave early, so left @ about 11:20 and decided to go for a bike ride as such a nice day!

I managed to find the road I couldn’t find last time where I ended up lost for 20 mins and went along the Petuel Ring, where I found this:

I have no idea what it is… it’s obviously a Mexican donkey and boy with loads of things to carry and it is in an area where it could be said that lots of foreigners live but still I have no idea what it is doing there!

Here’s the Olympic Tower from VERY NEAR:


and here from pretty far away!  The first picture I was right underneath!


here a view across the lake to the Olympic Hill and here a close up as you can see a Mini walking (driving!) on water in the middle of the lake, actually it is stationary as an advert!

The bike ride too 1 hour and 11 mins!  And on way back went into town and went to the great Falafel place and took a Falafel in Pita bread with salady bits home to eat:

not such a good picture but can’t really get a good one of the Falafel pita bread!

Then a walk with Daisy along the Isar for about an hour


here in the middle picture the tree has tried to get @ the sunshine along the river and ended up growing on the railings!

After walk I watched a bit of crap daytime tv – a reality show but just to get my breath back as wanted to go for another bike ride…!

Which I did to the Zoo for 45 mins!  Wow I am such a star… so much EXERCISE!

Then home where I had a protein bar as its best to eat protein when you’ve exercised (or within 40 mins) as your muscle bits (no idea what they are called in English) are open and most receptive:

a lemon protein bar (my favourite!).

After picking up my daughter with Daisy in tow I ate an apple too!

Then for dinner I had a salad with a Walnut Bread bun with butter:

After dinner went for a half hour walk with Daisy along the Maximillianstr. and through the Hofgarten!  Where I saw this red carpet event (photo not so good!):

Then, as hubby back had to do a load of work for our company with him and that is why I am only now @ after 10pm German time getting around to updating the blog!  I am very curious as to what the scales will say tomorrow as doing loads of exercise can have the opposite affect on the scales if it can build up muscles doing so much exercise and as muscles weigh more than fat…!  So maybe I did too much today… we’ll see, TTFN!

Forgot something yesterday!


I drove past a nice statue and forgot to put it on here!  My daughter and I have seen it many times and have always thought it looked like me…  But only because of the shape…!


and here is some lovely graffiti of a jungle scene (you may have to zoom in or double click on the picture itself!):

That was all… my post for today will follow later!  TTFN

In-door playground day again… lovely… (NOT!)..


Had a bit of a moment last night and ate:

5 Liquorice Allsorts… which is NOT SO BAD, as only 5 of them and not the whole packet but not good either!

And @ least the weight is still going down but not down enough yet to update my weight loss stats but not long now!  Then it is ALL DOWN HILL from there!  In a good sense obviously!

Today I had a flute for breakfast:

with spicy salami and very thinly cut parmesan, I know I usually have it for lunch (but with a salad!) but today I fancied it for breakfast!

Today it was inside playground day again… but my daughter took a different friend…:

here I took some files and did some work and ate this for lunch:

it was a salad with chicken breast and 4 tiny bits of french bread and it had loads of herbs in it and was fresh so for a ‘fast-food’ salad wasn’t bad!

In between I had a snack… actually it was more BOREDOM I think…(!):


an apple and later a very, very THIN piece of chocolate cake!

On way home lovely sky:

well in the distance it was a bit red you can’t see it so well on the photo!

For dinner I had:

3 Ikea crispbreads with butter and with the cheese ones marmite and an apple, on the one with salami I had a sour pickle!

That’s all for today… no chance for a walk or any kind of sport @ all!  But food-wise went fine apart from the cake…!  So TTFN!