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Knödel are round Potato-like balls/dumplings, quite large, a little smaller than a tennis ball and made largely from bread crumbs or in the case of the traditionally made one from Semmel (bread rolls) crumbs, they are traditionally German or even Bavarian (not sure)! Here is the link to the Wikipedia description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kn%C3%B6del

Orthodox Christmas…!


Hubby is not a strict Orthodox person and he’s actually one half Serb on his father’s side but he certainly takes the ‘special occasions’ seriously!  His family in Munich does too and so we nearly always get an invite to a celebration for this time!  And today is Christmas Day in the Orthdox Calendar!

So after sleeping in until  nearly 10 (after my very late Sneak last night – more later!) which was actually not enough sleep for me, but wanted my daughter to get up otherwise she won’t be able to get up on Monday when SCHOOL STARTS again (!), I then went out for a quick walk with Daisy and trying to get into the spirit of actually BEING A PERSON WHO WANTS TO LOSE WEIGHT (sarcastic cough, cough!) I decided to have a Herbalife Berry breakfast bar for breakfast (!):

Then we went off hubby’s aunt (who had invited us to the meal) and there we met hubby’s 2 cousins who also have kids (one the same age as my daughter and 2 ‘boy’ cousins older) and exchanged presents and played a bit before eating.

Before we had the food the MEN of the family have to say a prayer over the specially cooked bread and hold it, passing it in-between them in circles and then everyone gets a bit and one has to find the money that is hidden in the bread.  This is wrapped in foil (for hygiene’s sake) and it was MY DAUGHTER who found it this time!   It was a Euro and it’s supposed to be a lucky coin!

Then FOOD – it’s a buffet type thing with cold meats, minced meat and rice rolled in cabbage leaves, Knödel, feta and other cheeses, mini sour cucumbers, cold ham and grayy:

it all tastes good, the Knödel and gravy are warm, all else cold, lots of chatting, joking and EATING and @ one stage the kids drifted off into the other room to be silly and play Nintendo and eat ‘naughty’ things like the chocolate they were given and the ‘grown-up’s’ drink and talk!

Went on for quite a while and we didn’t get home until about 7pm, by which time Daisy was dying for a pee and STARVING…!  After I gave her her dinner we went out for a walk in the rain through the Hofgarten for 35 mins which was a nice change after not many walks lately and having been cooped up inside all day eating etc!

The Sneak last night was  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (based on the Stieg Larson book) with Daniel Craig (looking very yummy…!) and it was very well done BUT as was very long I didn’t get home until 2:20 am!

That’s it for today, I just want to finish with a last mention to a blogging reader – Ann from http://www.cookinghealthyforme.com/ who always writes a LOVELY comment on my blog, so head over to her blog to see what she blogs about…



P.S.  The spell check isn’t working again tonight, so please EXCUSE any spelling mistakes!