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Croissant time over soon…?


Well I think I might be dragging myself out of self-pity!  No, really, despite still having the appointment tomorrow, I seem to be a bit more positive!

Walk was nice, met up with a dog walk partner and had a nice chat and like I said last time it made the walk go quicker!

Then breakfast, unfortunately a croissant again, but should be out of this phase of unhealthy breakfasts by tomorrow… let’s hope so!

Then I had to go to work although I don’t normally work on Thursdays!  Then lunch at Kaimug (take away):


it was Pad Thai (rice noodles) with Tofu and Thai basil and soya sprouts, very delicious… probably could have left some on the plate though!

Then I went for a walk with Daisy for nearly an hour

A crazy bike round the corner!

Tributaries of the Isar coming from underground!

Some mushroom round a tree!


The Isar, along my walk!

Then after I got back from the dog walk, decided to go for a bike ride:


The Olympic Park again!  And the Olympic tower from the other side of the lake this time!


This is a pair of iron Wellington boots on the side of the road at the Mittlerer Ring and I am not sure what they are for but it seem they are a kind of air conditioning, as air comes out of them!

Bike ride took about 1 hour, 10 mins…!

When I got back ate a Lemon protein bar – cut up into bite size bits…!

When I got back from picking up my daughter was a bit peckisch again so had:

half a banana cut up into bits!

I still didn’t fancy a shake so had, a bread roll, butter, marmite, cheddar cheese, beetroot and ayvar:

with a big glass of water!

Hubby out again tonight so not sure about any more bike rides or walks, so will report tomorrow!  TTFN

P.S. Went for a walk for 30 mins with Daisy in town and Hofgarten and wanted to share a few more photos:


where the sky was very pretty and red!


Blue skies…!


It’s a  beautiful day here in Munich, blue skies and sun, sun, sun all for the Octoberfest and the tourists!  My day started as usual with the school walk and then the English Garden, where you can see some beautiful impressions:


The trade union meeting of the ducks…!

Still not feeling in the best of moods, I had a croissant (again!) for breakfast and went to work.

For lunch I had a roast chicken breast and leg with some rosemary potatoes but I forgot to take a photo!  Oops!

Then I went for a bike ride to the English Book shop and then on for a further bike ride as it is such a beautiful day and as I had to kick my arse in gear and do some kind of sport as haven’t really done any yet this week… because feeling sorry for myself with my doctors appointments… As it was thoroughly enjoyed ride and here is some more of Munich:


The Königsplatz (Kings Square) where the Greek Museum is and some Antiques too, Hitler used to do speeches on here!

Then onto the Olympic Park and round it on my bike:


The lake round the stadium and the tower and stadium

A venue within the Olympic complex and next to the Olympic pool!

Then over the Petuel Tunnel where there is greenery now – used to be a four lane dual carriageway but now cars drive in tunnel underneath here!

Then home to write a bit of this and pick my daughter up, before another dog walk with Daisy via the recycling:

along the way saw this… not sure where the joke is… the bad English or what the Chinese really says – but still funny!

This is Munich recycling… most blocks of flats have paper recycling in their bin rooms i.e. they have paper bins, normal rubbish and they have biodegradable bins, but plastic, tins and bottles you are supposed to recycle yourself in these:

for tins/aluminium, plastic, green bottles, white bottles and brown bottles!  The nearest ones are never far away, there are 3 for me to choose from in my borough or nearby streets!

It’s still a beautiful day:



People playing boules in the Hofgarden and people relaxing in the beer garden!


Beautiful weather too, blue skies and sunny but not too hot, being an English Rose can’t be having tooooo much heat on my rose skin!

Tonight is parents evening in the school – nearly forgot about it until a mum called me to ask if I could excuse her and take notes (!) as she had to go to her son’s parent evening and there is a plan to go out for drinks afterwards so no idea what’s happening about dinner really!

You have probably noticed the distinct lack of photos of food at the moment, like I said in my blog at the beginning of the week a) I have my period (the men reading this are not supposed to read that!) and b) I am up and down mood-wise because of my doctor’s appointments so spaced out all over the week.  I have been eating the wrong breakfast e.g. Croissant instead of my healthy shake and lunch is still ok i.e. not eating anything too forbidden or non-diety (just today forgot to take a photo of my chicken and rosemary roads potatoes!) BUT in the afternoon I am snacking a lot and not necessarily on good things and CERTAINLY not diety things and CERTAINLY things too embarrassing to take photos of and publish on here… I realise I am supposed to be being honest and documenting EXACTLY what I eat but @ the moment am not in an emotionally great state to be doing that…maybe I will update @ a later date and be embarrassed then or maybe I will just leave you in suspense…!

Not sure if will get on here again tonight because of the parent evening so more tomorrow and TTFN!

Octoberfest…! YIPEE! (Not..!)


I had my doctor’s appointment and they said all ok, but then they don’t aren’t really the people to tell me its ok, Friday’s appointment will be the one I rely on, so more waiting until Friday!

As was in a rush in the morning because appointment at 8:50 am, Daisy and I only had a short walk, about 30 mins and I wanted something quick for breakfast so had a croissant which wasn’t good, how is that supposed to keep me going all morning (in fact it did, but that was just luck!).  Then my check up which was not nice but quick!

Then into town for some shopping and for lunch:

A flute but a different one from usual!  A spicy salami and very, very thin slices of parmesan and some kind of oil as well as the noodle salad from yesterday with tomatoes, pine nuts and basil!

Then off to the Octoberfest, Tuesday’s is kids day and the rides and games are half price until 6 pm!

Here are LOADS of impressions:

the underground station escalators!

This is a carousel which not only goes round but up and down and as you can see it goes up quite a way!

as the name suggests this involves water (called Rio Rapids!)


a couple of huge roller coasters!

a loooooopoing one!

The London Eye of the Octoberfest (not!)


a beer tent (!) and a coffee-house!

Smurf roasted nuts!

San Fransisco Coffee Company at the Octoberfest (in case you can’t see it says st. franzls kaffee kompanie!)

an old-fashioned wooden slide!

these are the typical ginger bread hearts with sayings on them e.g. Worlds best Granddad, My sweetheart, I love you etc etc!

if you look closely there is a man standing on the balcony of this Ghost Ride with a fishing rod and a spider on the end of it which he dangles at passers-by…!

Here there is a family who all have the traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen on!

This monkey spits water @ you if you are not careful and walking by innocently…!

The huge wheel again from a different angle!

a nice kids labyrinth and floors and steps moving up and down!


aaaaah peace and quiet round the back!

I had a bread roll with roast sausages in it with ketchup for dinner, so no a DIET or LOSING WEIGHT dinner, but the Octoberfest only comes once a year and being emotionally in such fragile state I couldn’t resist!

Also had an ice cream:

And as was very sunny and quite warm and was always looking into the sky at the sun and of course at things going up and down, I got a headache and couldn’t be bothered to go out for a long walk with Daisy so just round block and early night! TTFN



I am afraid I am a bit moody today… and I suspect I will be ALL week… BUT there is a reason, I have 2 horrible doctors appointments this week.  One tomorrow and one on Friday… couldn’t have spaced it out better could I, no unfortunately not!

It’s a check up from an operation in 1998  so loooong time ago but its uncomfortable and of course brings up unpleasant memories of the time, AND it means I am MOOOODY!

So far it hasn’t reared its ugly head on the food front but there is STILL TIME!

The day up until now has been ok though, apart from the moodiness – have I mentioned that before?

Dog walk was lovely, it’s a lovely day, although this photo shows a bit of mist but by the time I was walking there it had disappeared…


and you can see German Efficiency clearing up and sorting stuff (i.e. the lorry thing wasn’t doing anything but was on the way to do something!)

Then work and for lunch I had the FAMOUS Goat cheese Flute and a noodle salad with tomatoes, pine nuts, parmesan and basil:

both very good.  Then dog walk but only short one as I wasn’t feeling up to it!  NO bike ride either, just sort of vegetated in front of tv and also did some of hubby’s company work!

In afternoon had some sweets, some liquorice allsorts which I had bought!  Not proud but not strong enough today to fight it and it wasn’t really a lot!

Then on bike to pick up my daughter but it’s not far away so doesn’t count and in the evening I had 2 pieces of the pumpkin seed bread with cheddar cheese, butter, marmite and beetroot and the Bosnian Aywar:

a little too much but again not in the mood to be STRONG!  I keep telling myself considering what my doctor’s appointment is for that I can afford to be weak but not happy with myself but not unhappy either!  Just nervous for tomorrow, @ least the appointment is in the morning @ 8:50 so don’t have to wait all day or whatever, but means no big dog walk in morning!

Also won’t be able to have 30 mins dog walk tonight as hubby out!

SORRY to be such a downer and a moody but those who know me will know what’s going on and those that don’t will have to be a bit patient in the hope that I will explain later or another day (sorry!).  TTFN!

Sunday, Sunday..!


Woke up earlyish again so went for walk but my daughter already awake too so got a time restraint of 45 mins, so went to Hofgarten (Court Gardens) instead of the English Garden and beautiful day:



Here in the distance you can see a whole load of Munich architecture: the big Church (forgotten what it’s called!), the Herkulessaal (concert hall), the two towers of the Frauenkirche right at the back etc etc

We met not one dog, which is really unusual but there you go!  Not that Daisy is a playful dog (at 13 1/2 years old!) but still was strange!

Hubby and daughter @ the Octoberfest and then we are all (visitors and all) going to a Chinese Restaurant, I am planning to stay calm and collected and eat only the minimum!

So I decided to go to the Chinese on the bike to save up some calories!  The bike ride took me 40 mins and half way along I had to go up a very steep hill which nearly did me in but I carried on!

It was a very nice Chinese, new, BUT a buffet…



HORROR for me, one just wants to go back time and time again!  I managed to stay semi strong and took one plate and then only some bits of a second plate and both plates I didn’t eat fully as I gave my daughter some bits, but I did have a MINI CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUT!


The doughnut really was small, honest!

Then there was the bike ride back but this only took 35 mins, probably as the steep hill was downhill this time not UP hill!  Then I went on a 45 mins dog walk.

I had a Protein bar for a snack:

I cut it differently again just to be different (!?).

This evening there is going to something small so that I can balance out the lunch overeating!

So TTFN, more later!


Well here again, but last post for today just to finish the day up:

An apple snack in afternoon whilst writing my last blog:

as usual cut into small pieces in a nice bowl!

I also ate the left overs of a croissant (the bite missing here is from me!), not too good but as was not that much, not too worried!

But I was worried about the my state of last night and still current state of women’s thingy’s… that I decided to not have a shake and to have something more substantial!

I chose some Pumpkin bread:

not all of the loaf, but 1 1/2 slices with butter, Marmite, cheddar cheese and a little plate of veg etc:

it’s a beetroot, tomatoes, cucumber and some Ayvar (a traditional Bosnian thing – homemade from hubby’s mum and its peppers and paprika and its a relish or spread and tastes yummy!).  In the picture its underneath the beetroot and next to the tomatoes on the right hand side of the plate!

Last walk of the day time, as usual through town and here are some pics:


It’s winter in the shops already!  Although no idea what the Astronauts bowls on the heads are for!

and so dark – it was only 8 pm!

And because Munich is so hip and although it has the Octoberfest, we have other stuff going on to keep those busy who can’t get into the Octoberfest… with the ‘Ander Art’ Festival (Other Art) with Music and Food:

And some silly light game!

I think it was an outward bound maze light show thingy… no idea but someone was getting stuck it in when I left!

So lets see on the scales tomorrow how it’s gone, although much better today and certainly no munchies, TTFN!

Last moments of the day…

Coping ok…


Just a quickie!  I seem to be coping ok although I had a worry that I was craving… maybe it is just the one day this time…after my lovely carrot soup which was supposed to be pumpkin soup (see earlier entry), I went for a dog walk, I went for a bike ride, a dog walk and am now waiting to see what my visitors want who are shopping!

The day so far in pics:

This is one of the bridges I cross when on the Isar I photographed it from the other side before!

This is the view from the bridge up and down the river:


The dog walk with Daisy involved going into town on my bike with her in the back and then letting her out along the Isar, another part and me pushing my bike:


I am usually walking across the top of this bridge on my lunch time walk with Daisy coming from the other direction.

Along the way I crossed one iron bridge which has a load of these:


this is apparently a world-wide phenomenon which involves writing your true loves name on a lock and locking it to a bridge… you find them all other bridges!  Or maybe its an old thing and I’ve just found out about it…!

Some ducks in the sunshine!

Again I am usually on top of this bridge.

Well like I say I seem to be coping so far… let’s see what the evening brings!  TTFN