Apologies… yet again!


Sorry but been really busy again… not good time to be able to keep up with your blog, with xmas I mean and also my daughter was a little ill (!), so all in all had no time or energy to post, again sorry!

Highlights of the time I haven’t posted:

Snow on the yellow post box and my car… silly little snow flakes which looked like those styrofoam!

here the Duck collection in the doctor’s surgery including in the 3rd picture one with Lederhosen on!   Took photos whilst waiting for over an hour as had an appointment there when doctor said we should come round for an appointment as there was streptococci going around and if she had a sore throat it would best to check it out!  It turned out she didn’t have it, – thank goodness – and he also pulled the stitches, most of which were under the wound and it doesn’t look so bad but early days yet!

this morning’s sky and lovely sun in the English Garden with the snow!

No work today but a trip to the Unemployment office to get some Work Permits for some new drivers (without success… as I could only hand them in but not take them home yet..) and it included nearly an hour’s wait!

Then it was my company’s Xmas Dinner in the local posh Restaurant Gandl:

   the bread selection with butter (Olive and walnut bread)

  my starter salad with cucumber and tomato and slices of duck and cranberries

  my meatballs and cabbage salad with gravy (there was supposed to be mashed potato with it but I told them not to bring that as didn’t fancy it!)

  my desert – sliced pear and Stollen Mousse!

Although it was pretty snowy decided to try to burn off the MASSES of calories from lunch on a dog walk:

here loads of snow… the middle picture is of a pile of leaves that wasn’t cleared away and now that the snow has frozen it into a pile will be hard!

I forgot to photograph breakfast and dinner – a Herbalife berry bar and for dinner bread, butter, marmite, cheddar cheese and 3/4 of an apple.

Sports-wise – nothing much, I had to go to the Unemployment office which I did by bike but it was a bit dangerous with the snow everywhere and this took about 20 mins each way!  The walk along the Isar took just under an hour and that was it really, what with no time…!

Pretty boring but wanted to post so you all don’t forget me…!  TTFN, thanks for reading!


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  1. It is a hard time to keep up…it’s such a busy time! This year, for some reason, it has been the most SOCIAL year I’ve had in a long time! Lovely, but crazy busy! I’m glad you’re posting….even if it’s pictures of ducks! :o)

    • You are absolutely right Ann, we’ve also got some snow.. not much but enough for me to be too careful and not ride my bike in fear of crashing in the snow! This doesn’t help in the rush up to xmas!

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