Lovely to see you here, here’s ME:

I am Katarina, not Katrina, not Katharina, not Katherine nor Catherine, not Catarina nor Catharina.  My mother is Russian and I was nearly named Stephen but my parents eventually realised at 3 months that I really was a girl and gave me a Russian name as well as naming me after my mother’s Aunt!  I have many nicknames, but more of that another time!

I am in my early forties and although I don’t really give a monkeys about age I think I should keep some secrets about me!  I have a dog (a mix of something and an unknown something!) who is getting old and therefore not walking as much and as far as I would like her to in my quest to do exercise and lose weight, and she is slowly going deaf (or is she just stubborn?) and can’t see so well anymore!

Although I live in Munich, I am actually British and very proud of it!  I lived here as a child for 5 years and have now been back 16 years!  I still have a British Passport and although I could get a German one I quite like my British one and wouldn’t change it for the world.  And although my daughter was born in Munich, she has a British Passport too!

My daughter is 81/2 going on 15…!  She is very slim, verging on skinny and although she loves sweets and chocolate and McDonald’s, through her active-ness is always skinny!

I have been overweight all my life, except for a short time during pre-puberty @ about 12 when I was slim as anything – I have a photo to prove it, maybe one day I will post it!  Then at 29 I said “Enough is enough!”, plus my mother bugging me ALL THE TIME didn’t help.   The motivation came with a dream I had, unfortunately don’t remember if it was a day or night dream but it involved me @ deaths door in a hospital bed and my daughter sitting next to me in tears!  It was the kick up the arse I needed and I started on 17th January 2010 to lose weight.  I lost almost 42 kg (84 lbs, 6 Stone).  I looked amazing and felt good.

Then my husband asked me to do a certificate for me involving 2 weeks of seminars and an exam.  Fine I said, easy and won’t take long…!  Ha, not long!  I did the course and 2 weeks later had an exam date… FAILED, then managed to talk the lady giving out the exam dates into giving me another date 2 weeks later!  Again FAILED… One more time… FAILED!  Then I had a break as it was Easter and took the exam a fourth time… GREAT PASSED!  However during those 3 1/2 months I was eating more than I should out of frustration and boredom, and having no exercise WHATSOEVER.. so whoops after this time I got on the scales and F*#k I’d put on nearly half of what I lost….!

SO NOW here I got again and decided as an added motivation I would document it in a blog and maybe help others along the way!

Any questions, read my blog and or send me a message!


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  1. Hi Katinka, (can I still call you by your nickname despite of what you said at the beginning of your blog?),

    didn’t realise you succeeded losing all that weight last year! (My fault really, should have kept in touch more). Just wanted to tell you how well you are doing – you’re putting my feeble attempts at staying fit and healthy to shame. I look at your exercise regime and wonder how you’re doing it when you’re also working and have your daughter to look after! Respect! I have no doubts you will succeed this time, too! The difficult bit is to keep it up during those difficult times life throws at you from time to time…. but you seem to be iron-willed these days so you will be doing just fine.

    • Oh absolutely… you are family after all! If orgot that nickname! And yes if you don’t keep in touch you don’t know these things… having said that I absolutely know how it is and did you notice me bugging you to answer… no! So don’t worry! And yes you are right its keeping it up and staying focused! I am really lucky as only have to work part time so manage it sometime…! Lovely to hear from you! Big hug and xs

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