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Been missing again… sorry!


A number of factors have meant I have been missing from the blog:

1.  my daughter has returned home

2.  It’s school holidays so have to entertain my daughter !

3. Hubby gone away again for a long weekend so am being heaped with stuff from work that he usually deals with

4.  I have had no real time for sports, on Thursday my daughter and I went swimming but it was more messing about in water than really swimming and no real biking (doesn’t help that my bike first had a puncture and then a tiny bit of metal had fallen from the wire which went to the gears so I only had 2 gears 1. really fast and 2. really, really, really fast so I had to take my bike back to the repairs again after it had already been missing for nearly a day with the puncture…!)

AND the WORST point

5.  Unfortunately if I am missing from the blog it usually means my food isn’t going so well or rather my weight loss isn’t going well so I don’t post as I am a) embarrassed and b) feeling negative!

But this time it is mostly the first 3 points.

On Friday I had to get up @ 6:45am to go to the equivalent of the DVLA (or whatever) to tell the authorities that I don’t own my van anymore… i.e. get a bit of paper allowing the person who bought it from me to export it, in this case to Poland!

Then today (Saturday) I had to get up @ 7am to meet the Pole who was buying the van!  My daughter was supposed to come with me but when it came to getting up @ 7am she decided to stay in bed.  I got there fairly easily as no traffic:

when I got there I had forgotten one of the bits of paper which in fact hubby said I shouldn’t give them but then it dawned on me whilst I was selling the van that of course he needed that bit as it was on that bit that the authorities had stamped that the car had been un-registered!  So I had to go back home… it was all a bit strange because I could have been a crook then as I had the money and I had ‘accidentally’ taken one key and they only had one bit of paper so if I hadn’t turned up again they couldn’t have left… but of course I wasn’t going to do that!  My daughter was still asleep and I took Daisy this time as she was ready for her walk and got back to them and sorted it finally, with all the correct papers and I had earned some money for an old van!

the sky (a typical view I have posted before) on the way to your office outside of Munich to pick up the post which I also did on Friday!

I am afraid my blog today is all a bit muddled… not in the right order and a little confusing… but never mind!  The above 2 pictures are the Westbad (the ‘West’ swimming pool which has a lovely inside and a huge outside and this time we went to the outside and it was really empty, about 20 people in all over the 4 hours we were there, the 1st pictures shows the huge slide which I didn’t manage to go down as I started to climb up the steps and chickened out before I got to the top as had a bit of vertigo..!

This was today’s food as far as I photographed it… forgot what I had for dinner,  it was not a shake and it was a bit of a mish mash of lots of things!  But here my breakfast a shake with blue berries, strawberries and apricot and the lunch was a jacket potato on salad with a shrimp cocktail sauce over it and lemon and dill!

here’s my dog walk tonight with the sun going down and glowing in different places in the streets near where I live!

So as already mentioned the blog is a bit all over the place today!  Sorry!  I am not sure how it will be rest of the school holidays – it’s all next week too and the weather isn’t going to be that good either – apparently – and rain for 3 days, so how on earth I am going to keep my daughter busy I do not know and it will probably mean my food is all over the place again and also no time for sport and also no time to post, but who knows maybe I can get


again and into gear again and will try to post in between, TTFN!