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Not sure if this is a Cumbrian expression or not, or just a special English one… but it means you move your chin and wag it… as in
that’s what it means!

Day 5…!


Such boring title I know, but am trying to keep up…!

Today has been a mixed up day, been quite busy but am also a little ill and also a tiny little bit sad… so a REAL mix eh!

On morning walk met my dog walking partner that I usually meet, but she has been ill so today was only day she had been in the English Garden, so had a nice chin wag as we hadn’t seen each other since before xmas!  Was pretty dark kind of morning, here a load of geese flying around the park:

hard to see unless you click on the picture then you can see them in the middle of the middle!

After walk, went to work and had a croissant for breakfast…




But really fancied it!

After work into town to get a few things as my daughter and hubby are going away for the weekend, meeting my brother and sister in law and one of the two nieces for a small skiing trip in Italy and my daughter needed some WARM ski pants and nice warm boots, I managed to find them both as bargains though a BIG trawl around ALL the shops!

Then back home to pack a little and had a brown bread sandwich with pumpkin and beetroot (!):


was really good!

Then only a small walk with Daisy as is really cold and I actually had a load of work to do!

Picked up my daughter and helped her and hubby pack and sent them off.  Before they went there was a big snow storm with HUGE snowflakes (forgot to photograph actual snow storm, but here the sky afterwards!):


here just after the storm and then 15 mins later!  First really grey, snowy skies and then suddenly blue again!  And it hasn’t snowed again, just a fluke, quick snow storm!

Then came the sad bit of the day…. seeing off my daughter and hubby on their trip – SHORT though it may be…!

I had wanted to go to the cinema but decided against it on the way there (and have sneak later anyway!) but went to the Thai instead and ate Pad Thai


and actually it was a bit too much for me but couldn’t resist and ate it all in the end – I had a very short moment….that I would leave some but COULDN’T…. I AM SOOOO GREEDY….!

I also had a snack of a bit of cake in the afternoon but was too embarrassed to photograph it


Went for a short walk around the block through the snow, because although it didn’t snow that long it snowed A LOT and so EVERYWHERE, in fact I had gone to the Thai on my bike but am not going to the cinema as it will be later and everything will be a little frozen and probably a bit dangerous, but only a short walk as is also COOOOOOLLLLLDDDD….!

Am reading now until I go to the Sneak cinema tonight @ 11:15 pm!  More about that tomorrow… TTFN!