No, its not what you think!  I actually don’t drink 2 things:

1. Alcohol

2. Tea

As I mentioned in About ME!, 10 years ago I had a health scare and although the doctors say there is no connection, now when I drink alcohol I immediately get a headache, sometimes just when I smell alcohol and so I don’t bother anymore, it’s too much bother! And about Tea:

I know, I know a Brit who doesn’t drink tea, how can that be!  Well I just don’t, I don’t like it and don’t understand the whole thing about it i.e. when people say they are ‘dying for a cuppa’ or ‘gasping for a cuppa’!  Having said that I do sometimes drink a cup of fruit tea before I go to bed, I don’t usually drink hot drinks so I think it might kill a few calories with the heat if I drink one!  In fact its a theory a few people have said to me that its good for burning calories but also its like a hot meal a bit i.e. you feel like you’ve ‘really’ had something if you drink a hot cup of tea… however I am not converted!

As far as other drinking is concerned I drink 2 bottles of 1,5 Liters of tap water in a posh Evian bottle, its not quite enough, the rule is 1 litre of water per 25 kilos of weight, but I also drink water in a glass in-between.  My theory about drinking water and lots of it is that I imagine little workers in my body breaking down the fat and it has to be transported out of my body somehow… so drink lots and the fat joins the water and leaves my body!  Wuuuush I am thin (!?).

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