This is the page for extras, further information and bits that refer to everyday but I don’t want or need to mention every day!

For instance:

I have some special scales – Tanita scales which measure fat, muscles, water, bones, the fat around your organs and also determines a measurement to do with the state of your body – more about the measurements later, I stepped on it before I started this blog and it is not a scale that you step on all the time, no point as fat and muscles don’t change so quickly and those two are the most important values!  So there will be more on this in a later blog or here (or both!).

The Photography on the blog – is not very good…!  This is because I mostly (98.9%) use my mobile phone’s camera which has 8 m megapixel but still it’s not the best of cameras – I hope this will get better with time as I remember to take my proper camera with me all the time!


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