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Sunny day…!


I have no idea what to call my post today, so just called sunny day as it was a sunny day!


scenes of the English Garden this morning foggy but sunny!

Breakfast was a berry bar:

After work I went swimming for an hour and for lunch I had Sushi @ the Running Sushi (!):


and about 3 other plates!

Then Daisy and I went along the Isar where it was still very SUNNY!



I had to go to the bank so went along the Prinzregentenstrasse and past the Bavarian National Museum, in the last picture there are lovely little shells as the decoration on the door (sea shells)!  Walk took 1 hour 20 mins!

When I got back I was a bit hungry

and had a lemon protein bar!

Then I went for a bike ride


to near Aumeister taking 45 mins!  This is not as long as a bike ride as I am used to or as long as I wanted (but was stuck for time) and so I rode in a higher bike gear than usual in the hope that it would make up for going nearly half an hour less.  Still sunny!

I picked up my daughter, but she wanted to play @ her friend’s house so I went home alone!

Where I had an apple for a snack!

Then I asked a techno-savvy neighbour to help me set up our fax which hasn’t been working and after about 45 mins we FINALLY did it… after we tried about 12 different variations BEFORE @ last IT WORKED!  I was so glad you have no idea… little things please little… well ok I WAS VERY HAPPY!

My daughter came back from her friends and it was time for dinner and I had a bit of Thai curry and rice although I managed to leave more than half the rice:

with chicken and lots of vegetables!

Although it is FREEEEZING cold this evening I went for a last walk of the day with Daisy… she was also whining so had to go really and as usual went around town and then to the Hofgardet for about 35 mins!

This evening its CINEMA night again… the SNEAK!  I have a feeling its going to be a 3-D film which means Happy Feet 2 or Puss in Boots, only the second of which would be ok!  However it might be something completely different – Carnage would be good too… so watch this space for what it was tomorrow!  Let’s hope I think of a better title tomorrow.  We are going to the Olympic swimming pool tomorrow with my daughter and a friend of hers!  It is a very LOOOONG pool and incidentally where I had my first EVER DATE with my hubby…!  Oooo-eeer! TTFN