All day sports….!


Today I did loads of sports as had time and energy and weather good:

lovely sky again, then came across some logs which my dad would have nicked (given half a chance!):


I had obviously already some pieces before I took the photo!

I then went swimming for an hour, although I really didn’t fancy it but made myself go and enjoyed it in the end!

After swimming I went for some protein @ the Falafel place and had Falafel (!) with the salady bits and a pita bread:

I then went to the English Food Shop:

Pomeroy & Winterbottom (hard to see in the photo!) and bought jelly and custard for the xmas trifle, stuffing for the xmas turkey and some sweets for my daughter and also…. oh no… not good… some chocolate for me:

I don’t know if it’s new or I just don’t know it but I have never had it, is has a filing like the Easter Creme Eggs in bits and is then covered in chocolate OH WHAT SIN!  But enjoyed it!

Then… feeling bad about the chocolate, I decided to go for a bike ride to the Zoo:

here the lovely, pretty long bridge over the Isar, the 3rd picture shows the BRAND NEW bike path that has just been tarred!

Went from the Zoo path along the Isar back home but on to the Waterworks and back through the English Garden so took a bit longer (1 hour 10 mins):

Then it was Daisy’s turn for a walk, but a shorted one as had to get back home quickly to meet one of our drivers who wanted to give me some papers, here the Isar:

when I got back I had a snack:

half a brown walnut roll with butter, one half with cheddar cheese and one half with honey, I know, I know I had the chocolate snack too but I was a little hungry and was worried if I didn’t eat something it might end up being a bigger snack later starving hungry or something!

Hubby came home early and he took our daughter to try to find a christmas tree, unfortunately unsuccessful but never mind!  I decided to go into town to get some dinner and decided to walk to burn off the chocolate and walnut roll snacks!  The salad was a goat cheese, walnut and grape salad and a Thai soup and a piece of bread, however the soup and salad were only half a portion in the hope of saving some calories from the above sins (!):

Hubby home this evening so went out with Daisy for a bit of a longer walk in the evening, on way back through the English Garden a bit, took me 50 mins!  But NOT GOOD IDEA as was a little HUNGRY AGAIN when I got back and had the other half of the brown walnut roll with butter and honey:

NEVER MIND, as did so much sport I hope it will balance it out on the scales tomorrow…. she says hopefully!  TTFN!


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