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Mega busy…!


I am afraid my post today will be VERY SHORT!  I have been mega busy today as was preparing for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow and also work etc so didn’t have much time for anything and the post today will be just in point form!

Walk lovely in morning as very mild day!  No photo!

Then work and was allowed to leave early which meant I managed to go swimming (which I hadn’t planned but could do now!) for an hour!  Lunch was:

a goat cheese flute with honey and truffels and a cous cous salad!  Walk along Isar with Daisy short – only 45 mins:

again noticing how low the Isar still is has still not rained!

Then I went shopping for the birthday cake I plan to make later!  Then picked my daughter up early as we had to go shopping for birthday party treats as presents for the girls coming to her party on Sunday!  Then her piano lesson, then home to a carrot and ginger soup (forgot photo again) with 2 small pieces of bread and butter and for a desert (!):

Then I went for out on my bike to the far away packstation which took 45 mins, then hubby had to go out so no walk in the evening with Daisy and my daughter and I made a cake which included lots of licking the spoon and bowl whilst making it!  Ooops!  And that’s all I’m afraid and tomorrow going to be busy too as my daughter’s birthday (have I mentioned that already then…!) so TTFN!

P.S. Spell check not working again on WordPress so please excuse any spelling mistakes!


Funny weather…!


I am afraid I am stuck for a title today and the title is not explained until nearly the end of the post… so keep reading!

Walk in morning very nice but pretty cold!:


saw some fish in the Eisbach here but you can’t see them in the photo, the middle picture a woman training her horse and the sun over the Eisbach!

No work today so after clearing up a bit and doing some work I went swimming for an hour

here a better picture of the wooden hut in front of the Hotel for hot punch!

And then to do some shopping and lunch @ the Viktualien Markt:

the ‘Mixed Plate’ falafel and doner meat with lots of sauces and it’s delicious!

After lunch back to Daisy and a walk along the Isar for an hour:


where you can see how low the Isar still is as it still hasn’t rained!

After the walk had to meet some people to do with work (well 2 people came round one to bring me something and one to collect something!).  Then I went for a bike ride for an hour and 14 mins but it was a bit silly!  As I set off the weather was nice:

note the sun at the top of the trees!

Then as I biked along the Isar it got colder and colder and foggier and foggier:


but then on the way back it was ok again… that’s the funny weather of my title:


here it’s even a bit sunny!

When I got home Daisy and I went straight out to pick up my daughter and when we got back I had a small brown roll (mixed brown grains), both halves with butter, one half with honey from Bosnia and the other half with marmite and cheddar cheese (here you can see the honey half was tried by my daughter but she didn’t want it!):

Tonight we were invited to the Italian round the corner for my neighbour’s birthday (my daughter’s old babysitter from when she was a baby and I worked part-time two mornings a week!) and I ate this:

bad picture but its salmon carpaccio with asparagus and a bit of salad and it was very good although a not really enough so I ended up eating nearly 3 small pieces of brown bread.  My daughter ate spaghetti and butter and was ready to leave after eating… so when I had eaten we left and hubby stayed behind!  Daisy only got a quick walk when we got home (ahhh poor Daisy!), TTFN!

P.S.  Not updating my weight until I have lost a bit more than a kilo (2 lbs) as I have put on during my birthday excess but it certainly won’t take as long as last time though, in fact probably update on Thursday already which means I’ve lost the kilo and some more!

Birthday weekend excess…!


Too much of the above I found when I got on the scales today… so wonder what they will say tomorrow when its Tuesday and update time on the weight loss stats!

Ok, ok, let’s forget about that for the moment.  My day started as usual with the English Garden walk for an hour:


images of the English Garden this morning!

Then work and berry bar for breakfast:

After work I got a goat cheese flute and a chick pea and avocado salad:

and the last little piece of the birthday cake!

After lunch I went for an hour’s swim:

where there is a little Ski Alpine corner with wooden hut for snacks and drinks in the hotel driveway!

After this out with Daisy for an hour:


When we got back I had a lemon protein bar snack:

Then a bike ride – my bike ride was a bit strange though, I did part of one of my bike tours and added part of another one, this meant in the direction of Aumeister but turning off at the waterworks, just before Aumeister and then past my house and onto the Zoo tour but turned back before the ‘Zoo’ bridge and this took just over an hour:


the tour is along the Isar nearly all the way!  When I got back I had 2 snacks:


a very tasty RED apple and half a brown muesli  roll with sunflower seeds and raisins!

Picked up my daughter with Daisy and as hubby back went into town to get a salad for us both (the grown ups!):

I ate the one with goat cheese, grapes, walnuts and soya bean sprouts and the other half of the brown muesli roll and half a piece of normal brown bread with butter!  Was very tasty!

Last act of the day was with Daisy for the Maximillianstrasse and Hofgarten tour taking 30 mins!  Did enough exercise today to counteract the being ‘naughty’ @ the weekend using the excuse of my birthday (!) but will have to see on the scales tomorrow!  TTFN

Actual birthday 27.11.2011…!


Woke up early… all excited… no not really, just woke up early.  So my daughter and I got up and went for a quick walk with Daisy and on way back bought croissants for breakfast (I know, not good but it is my birthday!).  Then I opened my presents – a Jamie Oliver’s new cook book about British Food from my bro and sis-in law, a book and cinema voucher from hubby and daughter, a book, new diary 2012, so all very nice!

Then I went to the cinema to see Breaking Dawn (part 1) which as vampire and werewolf films go with a simple but effective plot, was entertainment and enjoyable.  Then met hubby and daughter for lunch but had to wait for them and took these photos @ the xmas market and from in the centre of town:


the Egyptian collection (or Greek collection – am never sure!), a huge xmas decoration, a water tower or old city wall tower (again not sure) and the Alter Peter (a high up tower in a church which you can climb up and see all over the centre and environs (!).  Here you can see a lovely day and it was cold but not as cold as it has been the last few days.

Lunch @ … surprise, surprise the steak place (!) where I had the usual, salad bar salad:

but this time my steak with a jacket potato and sour cream:

but left a lot of the potato, just eating the skin and a bit of potato.

@ home I went out with Daisy and then some friends came round to eat a piece of cake with us and bring me a present  – a lovely scarf and a book voucher (yipee!).  When they had gone we chilled and for dinner we got a pizza but only 1 which hubby and I shared… forgot to take a photo, it was a normal pizza with spicy sausage and pepperoni on it (Diabola!).

Last thing of the night before adjourning to bed to read was another 30 mins walk with Daisy!  Where we saw lots of decorative stuff:


first picture, very subtle decoration in Moncler, then crazy silver Reindeer in Emiglio Z and @ a jewellers Buchener 11 christmas trees and that’s just one side of the building… I mean what’s the point!  Just too much… mind you it is the posh street (Maximillianstrasse!).

All in all a nice day and lovely presents and chilled time which is good as in the run up to my daughter’s birthday in a few days it will be a bit chaotic as I have 4 in-laws coming on Thursday and my daughter’s party @ home  (what was I thinking agreeing to that…!) on the Sunday, but TTFN!

Birthday weekend…!


Friday I went to the cinema and so didn’t get time before I went to write up my post on Friday, so a VERY quick run through with photos:

  Breakfast (a berry bar) @ weekend

  1 hour swimming


A Thai with my daughter’s best friends mother which was a starter with tiny toasts with chicken and a sweet and sour sauce and then chicken with green beans and a lovely chilli sauce with rice (but didn’t eat all the rice!)


Dog walk along the Isar with Daisy for an hour where you can see a VERY organised leaf gathering has taken place in 2 piles!

 an afternoon snack of a lemon protein bar.

I’m afraid I cannot remember what I had for dinner but it was definately not anything diet-like or healthy and then I dashed off to the cinema to see “A Dangerous Method” about Jung and Freud with Keira Knightley etc:  unfortunately trailer in German (I actually thought it was a bit silly, all this business about sex being behind every psychological problem) and then I went to the sneak which was hilarious although a kids film really:  Puss in Boots:

Home late and couldn’t get to sleep for ages but woke up early – typical!  So I went for a walk for an hour in the English Garden and was lucky to meet my dog walking friend who had also decided to go out @ the weekend, usually we only meet during the week!

my  breakfast was a Muesli roll with sunflower seeds and raisins with butter, marmite, cheddar cheese and 4 little bits of apple!  Then my daughter and I went xmas shopping in town where the xmas markets had their first opening weekend:


but I didn’t manage to catch a good picture of any of the xmas stalls really as so many people!  But I did manage to get picture of the very skinny xmas tree on the Marienplatz!  Whilst we were shopping my mother called and invited us to lunch (although she was supposed to be meeting a friend, but she asked us to join her), and I had Wok Vegetables with rice but left about 1/3 of it:

During the afternoon I went for a walk through the Hofgarten:

then home and a snack of an apple and a bit of cheddar cheese:

Dinner was something embarrassingly not good or healthy but I thought sod it it’s my birthday soon (Sunday), so not looking @ what I am eating for the weekend!

Then I went for a last walk of the day, but quite late @ 8:30 for half an hour through town and now going to bed to read and sleep until tomorrow’s ‘special day’!  So TTFN!

Thought it couldn’t get much colder but… -1°C!


Yes it was even colder today!

The moisture in the air turned to snow flakes on the walk, but it wasn’t actually snowing, but coooold!  But fast walking serves 2 purposes – burning up calories and keeping warm!

No work today!  A berry bar for breakfast:

but no cryptic messages today!

Then I went swimming for an hour:

After swimming I had gnocchi with grapes, walnuts and white sauce, and salad:

Along the Isar with Daisy after lunch for an hour 10 mins and here the path has been cleared of leaves (see pile @ top of the picture) which means you can see the roots of the trees again and don’t keep tripping over them:


Took Daisy home and then off again, this time on a bike ride, but not along the Isar (as decided it was so cold along the Isar because it’s by water and because it’s not as protected along the river, whereas the way to the Olympic stadium, although mostly through the English Garden, it also goes along the Ring Road (Mittlerer Ring) and therefore lots of cars producing heat!


Here @ the Olympic stadium you can see how cold it is with the cold fog up @ the tower and the dark grey between the famous Olympic roof!  This took 1 hour and 20 mins, I assume a bit longer than usual as so cold I am not peddling as fast, but it does have an advantage that being cold uses more calories!  Sad but true!

Back @ home I had a snack:

an apple (from the market) with a chunk of cheddar cheese and 1/3 of the lovely Muesli roll with sunflower seeds and raisins!

I picked up my daughter with Daisy and back via the market where I picked up a pumpkin bread loaf:


and then I had a piece with butter and marmite:

and it tasted very good!

I know, I know I’ve had bread twice today already (the 1/3 of the muesli bread roll and a piece of pumpkin bread!) but for some reason I hadn’t planned properly and so had more bread for dinner – a goat cheese, honey and truffle flute and a cous cous salad with peppers and carrots (!):

Then although it was freeeeeezing cold (-4°C) Daisy and I headed off to the plastic and bottle recycling followed by a walk:


the sky was very light tonight and you can’t see it very well you can see the Church through the trees if you look closely!

Today whilst swimming I felt as if I could go a bit faster – i.e. I wasn’t pulling so much weight around with me and my bum feels a bit less fat…!  I suppose I could measure myself to make sure (as I obviously measure myself before I started this all!) but I think I will wait the WJP thing out and try that!  Good night, TTFN!

0°C… yes 0°C… that proves it… COOOLD!


Just in case you haven’t noticed I think it’s cold… soooo cold!  Morning walk had fog everywhere from the warm water against the cold air:

Work today and my berry bar @ work:

note me being silly with my berry bar and btw I said “Hi”!

After work I went straight swimming for an hour, came home and had this for lunch:

a spicy salami flute with parmesan and a ‘Bread’ salad… which I have never had I am not sure if it’s french but it was peppers, spring onions, tomatoes, chicken and roasted bread pieces.   The bread pieces were probably roasted in trizillions of fat but seeing as the portion is not very big I don’t think it’s that bad and it tasted good!

After lunch Daisy and I went along the Isar but only a shortened version taking 45 mins:


a cleared up path along the Isar River walk and a meeting of ducks (waiting for some bread to be thrown in!) in the Isar and here you can see that the River is quite low (as the papers keep saying there is a drought no rain for 35 days – apparently!) and here you can see lots of the stones which you don’t normally but it’s not that low!

Then I was feeling very sporty and despite the COOOLD (have I mentioned that before!) I decided to go for a bike ride but I was too cold to stop and take a photo, the ride took 1 hour 15 mins and when I got off my bike I nearly stumbled as my feet were so cold I couldn’t feel them!

Then piano lesson time and I went shopping whilst my daughter was there – an advents calendar and salad!  Great combination eh!

When I got back had a snack – 1/2  a brown olive bread roll with butter, marmite and cheddar cheese:

So you’ve guessed it my dinner was the salad I had picked up during the piano lesson:

The ‘Paris’ salad which is goats cheese, salad, peppers, grapes, walnuts and bean sprouts and the other half of the brown walnut bread roll with butter and it was goooood!

Daisy and I went for a walk for 30 mins after dinner and now it’s time to read, so TTFN!