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Of course it’s called Resolutions but it’s a family joke (or @ least started that way!) and so we always say Revolutions. But I also think it’s quite funny as it should be like a Revolution in your life i.e. the changes you are going to make in your life!

The first January Post…!


Well the year always starts with really good intentions with EVERYBODY, as they all make New Year’s Revsolutions, and I like making them too!  Unfortunately I make them but then I cannot start them straight away as there are school holidays and so everything starts a little later as ‘life’ doesn’t again until school starts.  So more of that when my daughter is back @ school.  So the first few days of January, of MY January starts here:

New Year’s Eve I had toothache (hopefully caused by my sinuses being bunged up (see previous post!) and so I was in bed when the fireworks went off but my daughter and hubby went out and my daughter took these photos for me:


she didn’t manage to catch that many but still here you are!

And here the rubbish on the street and on the grass from the fireworks:


My daughter and I got up late and went to work for a short time to sort the office emails etc but not long and then we went to buy some new suitcases which we found and which were a real bargain, but no picture of them!

@ the restaurant next to the shop I had a salad with fried Giant Prawns:


Which was really good and I even left some as was too much!

Then home and chillaxing and working @ home a bit!

In the afternoon I went to see a film The Ides of March, the film I had had to leave a few weeks ago – the sneak I had to leave as hubby had to work a really late shift in the night @ the last sneak, it was very good!

Then home again and spent the evening with my daughter and hubby just relaxing @ home.

Tuesday hubby took our daughter on a trip sledging or @ least looking for some snow to do some sledging, but they found some and stayed there so after I went to work for a bit my mother invited me to lunch, where I ate something which was called Wok Vegetables and Chicken!  Which was a little spicy and tasted really good:

as my family were still out I decided to go to the cinema again, this time to the new version of Jane Eyre:

I think you have to choose Jane Eyre on the link above to read about it (if you want to!), unfortunately it was really long and ended quite late and I nearly got into trouble with hubby as they were actually  nearly back in Munich as I was going to the cinema and wanted me @ home… but worked out in the end and for dinner I had a take away Falafel and salad Pita Bread roll, but forgot to photograph it – sorry!  Boring post today as not much going on and NO SPORT again, so TTFN!