For a ‘fat’ person I do a lot of sports, it seems to be the only way that my weight and fat shifts itself off me!

What do I do:

Walking the dog (a lot)

Tread mill, I start at 4,5 kmph at 1,5% incline for 2 mins to warm up, then 30 mins @ 2,0 incline and 5,2 kmph and at 30 mins I go up to 6 kmph for 10 mins and finish @ 1,5% incline and 5,0 kmph = 45 mins

where I watch tv, play solitaire or go online (if it’s working that day!)


Here I do 15 mins around the edge NON-STOP, then one length (which is only 12 metres!) there and back crawling, then 5 mins back and forth breaststroke, back backstroke,  then another 15 mins around the edge NON-STOP but in the other direction and follow the crawl, breast and backstroke as above and in the end 5 or more rounds, round the pool breaststroke.


This is my bike!  Not very clean I’m afraid!  Note the bottle of water in the back in case I get thirsty!

An important point to remember is that your body doesn’t recognise exercise until you are moving about 20 mins non-stop, I expect it is different with every person, but that’s the general rule, so of course if you have to climb stairs all day for work or something similar, it’s great and I am sure it burns calories but it’s not really SPORT!


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