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= Winter Jacket Problem! My dog walking winter jacket doesn’t fit me @ the moment, I have to lose weight to fit into it again…!

Thought it couldn’t get much colder but… -1°C!


Yes it was even colder today!

The moisture in the air turned to snow flakes on the walk, but it wasn’t actually snowing, but coooold!  But fast walking serves 2 purposes – burning up calories and keeping warm!

No work today!  A berry bar for breakfast:

but no cryptic messages today!

Then I went swimming for an hour:

After swimming I had gnocchi with grapes, walnuts and white sauce, and salad:

Along the Isar with Daisy after lunch for an hour 10 mins and here the path has been cleared of leaves (see pile @ top of the picture) which means you can see the roots of the trees again and don’t keep tripping over them:


Took Daisy home and then off again, this time on a bike ride, but not along the Isar (as decided it was so cold along the Isar because it’s by water and because it’s not as protected along the river, whereas the way to the Olympic stadium, although mostly through the English Garden, it also goes along the Ring Road (Mittlerer Ring) and therefore lots of cars producing heat!


Here @ the Olympic stadium you can see how cold it is with the cold fog up @ the tower and the dark grey between the famous Olympic roof!  This took 1 hour and 20 mins, I assume a bit longer than usual as so cold I am not peddling as fast, but it does have an advantage that being cold uses more calories!  Sad but true!

Back @ home I had a snack:

an apple (from the market) with a chunk of cheddar cheese and 1/3 of the lovely Muesli roll with sunflower seeds and raisins!

I picked up my daughter with Daisy and back via the market where I picked up a pumpkin bread loaf:


and then I had a piece with butter and marmite:

and it tasted very good!

I know, I know I’ve had bread twice today already (the 1/3 of the muesli bread roll and a piece of pumpkin bread!) but for some reason I hadn’t planned properly and so had more bread for dinner – a goat cheese, honey and truffle flute and a cous cous salad with peppers and carrots (!):

Then although it was freeeeeezing cold (-4°C) Daisy and I headed off to the plastic and bottle recycling followed by a walk:


the sky was very light tonight and you can’t see it very well you can see the Church through the trees if you look closely!

Today whilst swimming I felt as if I could go a bit faster – i.e. I wasn’t pulling so much weight around with me and my bum feels a bit less fat…!  I suppose I could measure myself to make sure (as I obviously measure myself before I started this all!) but I think I will wait the WJP thing out and try that!  Good night, TTFN!