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Nothing to report…!


I’m afraid I’ve been mega busy with work and

bits & bobs

and although I went for 3 lovely walks today and took photos I’ve not got the time tonight to download them from my phone camera and put on here so just a


to say


nothing to report!

Although it must be said I am off to bed now to READ… but it’s only because I just about have enough energy to read but not to post… Sorry!  TTFN!




Mondays eh… I tend to have a good Monday as I am


after the weekend and this time I had had the school holidays week too!

So off I went today on my dog walk in the English Garden and met with my dog walking friend and I came across these:


2 lovely swans and the first flowers of the year… sprouting up!

Then off to work taking my breakfast with me – plain yoghurt, a banana and some cashew nuts and raisins:

and it was good!

After work I had lunch @ an old favourite place, the Falafel place @ the Viktualien Markt:

but I couldn’t eat one of the falafels and about a 3rd of the pita bread so took it home with me!  Then I went for a walk, I had planned to go along the Isar as far as a bridge and cross it to go to the English Food Shop to get some marmite.  Unfortunately I took the wrong bridge, I walked on to the bridge too far and then walked into the centre instead of walking back along the other side of the Isar to the right bridge and turning in then and  the round trip therefore took me


… I had arranged to meet my morning dog walk friend along the way as she lives there but she was in town and we planned to meet after she finished shopping and she had to wait a bit for me!  Of course it was very good exercise BUT not my PLAN, here some pics along the way:

the first under a bridge, the second the man-made shore as well as the third and fourth pics and the last pic of a May pole in the Glockenbachviertel (the Glockenbachquarter)!

Back @ home I was a bit peckish.. no wonder after that marathon!  So I ate the falafel and the bit of pita bread left over from lunch!

Then I went to pick up my daughter who wanted to be picked up earlier what with it being the first day back after the holidays!  This I did on foot too!  When we got home we chillaxed a bit, then I decided I needed to take my bike to the bike shop to check out what was wrong with the front light!  Took Daisy too to have a walk back with her as I knew I would have to leave it there, which I did.

I had half a raisin and sunflower seed bread roll when I got back:

I got dinner ready a bit later and I ate a fried egg with mushroom and a few bits of ham but the egg sort of got a bit gooey as obviously didn’t have enough oil in the pan and soit was a bit of a disaster, I ate it with the other half of the sunflower seeds and raisin roll with butter and a salad with lambs lettuce, a tomato, cucumber, oil, vinegar and mustard dressing, a few slivers of parmesan and half an avocado:

I then quickly walked to pick up my bike (mended!) and when hubby got home later Daisy and I went out for a 45 mins walk, it took a bit longer as we dropped off some papers @ the accountants along the way!

And that’s it,

I was so good wasn’t I…

what with hardly any food and so much exercise, there better be a RESULT tomorrow…. well, we’ll see eh!  TTFN!

An update…!


Sorry I have been missing from the blog but like I said in my last post a) it’s holidays and am busy entertaining my daughter and b) not really sticking to any kind of discipline with food or to an exercise programme!  Plus I’ve sort of being having a little bit of a holiday too, not doing so much even though it’s not my half term!

So what is new:


this is some of the food I’ve eaten, most of it looks familiar as I am a creature of habit and tend to eat the same things!  First picture is of the famous flute but with spicy lean salami, very thin slices of parmesan cheese and spicy mustard, the second and fourth picture is of my breakfast plain yoghurt, apple, banana, raisin and nuts, in between a old favourite of mine a brown roll with sunflower seeds and raisins with butter, marmite, cheddar cheese and apple on it, the next picture of my very addictive Pad Thai with Tofu and Chicken… it’s so good and made @ the place where they say there are no additives etc in the food and they make it fresh in front of you!  The last picture is of a Caesar Salad and Shrimps with parmesan.

A trip to Ikea is a must for the holidays and as always we went for one thing and came back with 5 things, all useful of course but


And this was on the way to Ikea, sorry about the dirty windscreen!  One could actually see the Alps in the distance but they didn’t come out on the photos (sorry!):


During one of the walks through town, I wanted to catch the blue sky and managed to catch a bird flying in the picture too:

Another impression of one of my days was this advert in the new shop around the corner from where we live, which is a very posh Baby/Kids Clothes and Accessories shop (Schlichting) and this was the advert:

It’s an advert for Strollers and Accessories… but the woman who is holding a Maxi Cosy which is for very small babies LOOKS FANTASTIC!  Of course not everyone looks a bit worse for wear after giving birth but you certainly


…rant over now!

Again some impressions of my walks with the sky (one of the things I tend to photograph!):


And today my daughter and I went to our weekly lunch date with my mother to Brenners which is a great restaurant and very popular (hard to get a table if you haven’t booked, which we, of course had) it’s got very high ceilings and 2 open grills and therefore lots of wood stacked about, you can just about see some stacked against the window in the first picture, then 2 displays of food and one of one of the grills:


My walk this evening along the Isar just before sunset:

Then I made a lasagna for dinner, mainly to keep for a few days and because I just felt like it!  Ingredients a bit strange:

courgette, carrot, onions, garlic, small cut up bits of chicken and beef, spices, mushrooms, mozzarella and cheddar cheese and tomato sauce and hollandaise sauce (I told you it was strange), here the pan with the bit I ate for dinner cut out and then on my plate:


When hubby got back in the evening so I was able to go for a walk and I went for a walk and to the Packstation  to pick up the book I had ordered (The British Pub Cookbook)

and I took Daisy and along the way we came across these displays (of art!):

this is a bit of something flying about in a passageway shopping lane!

And here by the Fünf Höfe shopping mall (for want of a better word!) the lights change colour but I couldn’t be bothered to wait to take a photo of all the colours so here just a change of 3 colours (pink to green to yellow bits):


After walk back @ home and writing this before going to bed to read my book!  Holidays over tomorrow so might actually get my Losing it in Munich back on track… i.e. lose some weight again!  TTFN!

School holidays…!


Yes it’s that time again, School Holidays… which I find very hard!

The first one and a half days will be ok, as my daughter will be in Hort then but otherwise I have to think of things to entertain her and also what to feed her with which I don’t have to worry about usually!  It’s not really hard, it’s just I think I am the kind of person who likes to stick to routines and holidays are anything but routine!

Having said that – today my daughter went to play with  her friend and so didn’t have to worry about her!

Not only didn’t have to worry but I went to the cinema to see Hugo Cabret which I had missed @ the Sneak over the xmas holidays!  Plus it’s been nominated for LOADS of Oscars so was interested to see what all the fuss was about… and my verdict was it was ok, no idea if it deserves so many nominations, it addresses the development of film a bit as well as having a ‘nice’ story about an orphan box, maybe that’s what impressed the Academy…!

So basically I have nothing new to report, food was ok today, ate a bit too much as usual these days and don’t feel @ all in the Losing it in Munich mood and have no plan yet for next week, so let’s see how it goes…!  TTFN!

Forgot to mention the Sneak!


Friday night I went to see War Horse before the sneak which was of course very sentimental but good and the horse was


Then the Sneak was The Iron Lady with Meryl Street playing Margaret Thatcher:

which was pretty good but had some real bad bits to it:

– not enough mention of the miners strikes, nuclear war stuff and

– too much mention of the Falklands (which I have just been told is very current again!) and too much about her being old i.e. most of the film is told as she is old with flashes back to the past



TO PLAY MAGGIE!  Surely Helen Mirren or Miranda Richardson would have made a pretty good Maggie!  But I do remember it all!  I even remember my teacher (Mrs Hughes) in primary school having the radio/tv on in the corridor during the election and listening to the results and making a victory fist when Maggie won!  But I also remember as a child going on CND Marches shouting



There was some good music in the film, including Madness… but they missed out so much of her ‘career’!

Boring times…!


Been busy again…. work and my daughter’s stuff and also if I’m not posting means it’s not going well or am eating too much and so too embarrassed to post and in the case of the last few days it’s been the case of busy and eating too much and doing NO SPORTS WHATSOEVER… well, just walking Daisy..!

just a few images of the walks in the last few day… the snow has been melting as there have been PLUS temperatures… it’s like autumn, after so long with minus temperatures!  One of my dog walk friend we meet on the dog walk in the morning who is actually Scottish, but she has been in Munich for 30 years, said she had been talking to the people who tend to the English Garden and they say that Winter is over on Monday, Sunday will be the last snowy/cold day!  Apparently they ‘watch’ the weather and have to plan ahead with their planting and clearing and pruning etc etc, so


Well we’ll see next week if the winter is over… I would be quite happy as am sick of the snow… well I have been sick of the snow since day one of it actually!

Friday I went out for lunch with my mother and ate this… interesting picture as plate was of glass so you can hardly see the food and a lot of the table… the food was a grated fried potato (not sure what it’s called in English, Google translate says potato pancake!) with smoked salmon and horseradish sauce and salad:

the brown and white spots around the sides of the plate are balsamic vinegar and cream…!  Was very nice to eat and looked lovely but in photo looks strange that one can see the table underneath.. mind you, it’s a nice table a light brown marble  table!

Today’s lunch was Chicken Wok Vegetables without the rice with my mother and daughter in our ‘usual’ Saturday lunch time haunt:

So really nothing to report except I am thinking of renaming my blog:

the 4-day diet…!

as this is how long I seem to manage to stick to a change in my food plan before it goes wrong again…!

Who knows




am I going to get back on track again?  Now, I am going to check out the stuff I am selling on Ebay after having cleared out my daughter’s toy cupboard last week and so far we have sold most of it and the stuff I haven’t sold I will try to sell @ the flea market on the 16th March and then I am going to finish my book (see Book I am reading!)!  Sorry nothing more positive to report, TTFN!

‘Twas a good day…!


Today was a good day, although I obviously mean regarding food and/or dieting!

Walk in morning was a bit snowy:


the first picture just showing Daisy in LOTS of snow, the second picture the geese on a part of their river which is frozen and 3rd picture of a snow storm, which we ended up in later on the walk, it came and went though, so obviously wouldn’t have walked there if we had known it was coming but it surprised us when we were out in the open!  And of course fighting against the wind and trudging through the snow made the walk longer – 1 hour 10 mins instead of the 1 hour and I was nearly late for work, especially as still had to make my breakfast:

plain yoghurt, soya flakes, raisins, mixed nuts and half a banana and a little honey.

Then work where I was kept quite busy!  Then work @ home meaning I ate lunch late:

Lemon chicken and cucumber (cooked!) and rice noodles from around the corner!  Then Daisy and I went out for a shortened (45 mins) Isar river walk:

Back home I had an orange before setting off to pick up my daughter for piano lessons.  I went to the wholefood supermarket and bought some tinned (ready cooked) beans of different kinds for some soups and when we got home I made myself soup – carrot, onion, parsnip, swede, broccoli, leek and a bit of cheddar – the soup looks quite strange and actually a bit yucky, especially the colour but it tasted fine and I had the rest of the lettuce and a bit of parmesan slivers and yoghurt dressing as a side dish:

I still have enough soup left over so will have tomorrow too!  Forgot to say I had half a banana whilst preparing the soup and forgot photo (!).

Hubby not home again in the evening so couldn’t go for another walk but never mind!

A good day all in all, let’s just see how it goes eh!  TTFN!