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Just a quick post today…!


Really, really busy today, so very short post!

Had to get up really early as had to go to court !  More later!

Was out of the house by 7:15 am with Daisy in the Hofgarten and the English Garden:

was actually quite nice so early as not to many people about for 40 mins!

Then I rushed home and ate my shake:

Then I had to go to court WITHOUT our lawyer!  We have a guy we gave notice to last year although he was ill and he took us to court asking for money!  This was the appointment to came up with a final figure. the problem was there had been talks between the lawyers the night before and an agreement was arranged, the court date was cancelled, our lawyer took advantage and arranged another meeting for himself and then @ 6pm a fax arrived at my lawyer’s office saying all agreements were off.  That is why I had to go without a lawyer!  That’s when the problems started as the Judge was very keen to finish it today!  However we wouldn’t agree to the extortionate amount the ex-employer was asking for.  The judge said it was too much to (luckily for us), I managed to reach hubby who told me the maximum amount he was prepared to pay, when I mentioned it in court, everyone signed and then the judge made a suggestion and we then had to go out again to discuss it.  @ last we came to an agreement!  But nerve raking!

This was a photo in the English Garden on the way back on my bike:

I had left my daughter with my mum in the office and when I got back we got ready for a swim together in the hotel where I usually go!

We were very lucky as there were very few people there so we could be a bit silly if we wanted, that was until my daughter slipped and banged her head against the wall and scraped her arm!  It wasn’t too bad thank goodness and no blood which was good.  I swam for an hour, then we ordered lunch there and I had a caesar salad with anchovies:

After lunch we went for another swim for 40 mins but this time it was more messing about and playing, although I did do some swimming too!

When we got home my daughter called a friend and I wanted to got out to do some shopping, was just about to set off when I found I had got a puncture in my bike…!  Wonderful, not!  So decided to push the bike to the bike shop for him to repair tomorrow as was already 7pm so knew he wouldn’t manage it today.

When I got back I had a bit of a crap rest of the day as snacked again on stuff in the fridge and also had a nectarine and apricot that was the good part!  Then I ate the rest of hubby’ caesar salad:

I really don’t know what’s changed today from the last 2 weeks and I hope it’s only a little BLIP!  And it wasn’t really that bad but really not that good either!  Let’s see in the next few days!  Plus it was a really hard day!  Busy and decision making time too (court)!  So TTFN!


Return of my baby…!


Hubby and daughter are coming home tonight… everything seemed to have to get done and quickly!  Managed to get up in time for a walk with my dog walk friend though for an hour:

this was whilst we were waiting, 1st picture a huge tree-mushroom and 2nd picture Daisy eating some grass!

When I got home took my shake to work:

my mother noticed I was “all het up” (Cumbrian for all worried!) and she said I could go home early if I had things to do.

I decided to go and get the post from our office out of town first so off I drove across the Bavarian countryside:

On the way back along the motorway I came across this horse in a horse box, here you can see its tail sticking out of the back on the right!:

When I got home I wanted to go swimming but it was nearly my normal lunch time so ate 2 apricots so I wouldn’t get too hungry

Then I went swimming for an hour and when I got back I had lunch on my Peter Rabbit Plate (1st picture):

lunch = a beetroot, 2 tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, a raisin and sunflower seed roll and 2 small salads – a shrimp salad and a Munich Salad = small slices of special ham, vinegar, onions and small slices of pickled cucumbers!

Then lunchtime walk with Daisy for 50 mins:

2nd picture shows the mown grass by the Isar (that’s our Munich County Council for you!):

I had a handful of lovely cherries when I got back.  Then I got stuck into work – as usual by accident i.e. I only wanted to look for something and ended up working for 2 hours – filing, filling out papers etc etc!  I had a lemon Herbalife protein bar whilst I was working:

When Daisy started to whine as she wanted to go out – well it was 8pm and I quickly went out just before a rain storm but it was only a short storm and when I got back I had my shake:



I have missed her although I was rather busy with work, going to the cinema and my bike tour!  Oh, and of course Hubby came home too BUT he immediately had to go out again as a driver had some catastrophe!  Poor hubby!

Unfortunately my mother in law had given hubby some food… and I snacked a bit on some… Pide which is the very thin layers of pastry with cheese inside and very good but also very fatty!  And then I ate a fig biscuit and a piece of chocolate…


but I think I will survive it!  So today went ok all in all but now I have nearly a week and 1/2  left of school holidays where it might be a bit difficult because I probably won’t get time to do my sports, I mean my swimming!  So let’s wait and see how it goes!  TTFN!

Caught in downpour… twice…!

Caught in downpour… twice…!

Today went well, although I got terribly wet and not from swimming – although I did go swimming – more later!

Day started with the dog walk for an hour in the morning, I rushed to get there @ the normal dog walk time to try to see if my dog walk partner was there as I hadn’t been able to reach her by phone the last few days – but to no avail!  I ended up going alone:

in the middle of the 2nd picture you can see Daisy…!

Back @ home I took my shake with strawberries, blueberries and 1/2 a banana to work:

I had to go to work to help my mum as it had been the bank holiday yesterday but luckily not too much to do, so only stayed for an hour and then I went swimming for an hour!  As I was swimming it started chucking it down and I started to worry about my bike outside whose seat I hadn’t covered with the plastic bag I have in the basket on the back!  But it had stopped when I left,


as soon as I got on my bike it started to


I got ABSOLUTELY SOAKED and had to change my clothes as soon as I got home.  Then it stopped and I quickly went out with Daisy.

When I got back I rushed around to get to the cinema and as the weather was bit iffy I went in the car!  Of course it didn’t rain!

@ the cinema, where I went to see Men in Black 3 in 3D I bought a tuna, tomato, onion and anchovies Panini in the Cafe opposite the cinema and as I knew I wouldn’t get any salad I had bought an apple and a banana as a desert:

When I got back from the cinema which was very funny and action packed (as usual!), I took Daisy for a walk along the Isar and then into town to do some shopping and pick up a prescription from the doctor for my blood pressure, here a couple of pictures of the nice weather again:

The walk took 1 hour and 20 mins and I also saw these 2 little fountains, as I am usually on the bike I don’t notice these things:

the 1st picture shows a tiny fountain with a stork and the sun in the wall which spouts out water and someone had placed flowers around the edge too!  The 2nd picture is of wolves (I think) and the water spouts out of their mouth into the fountain!

When I got back I had a nectarine and 2 small apricots for a snack:

Then I went to our car tyre place to get my summer tyres changed @ last – hubby had taken so long to get the tyres out of our storage!  On the way there it

absolutely chucked it down again…

luckily I was caught in it but I was in the car:

I dropped the car off and went shopping around the corner to Toys R Us to find a Squap which I had promised her I would buy her for Children’s day on Friday (the things they think up eh!).  A Squap is made up of 2 round discs which bend in half and you catch a ball with it by grabbing it in the middle of these discs and then these discs shoot out the ball again when you let go of the disc – I can’t really describe it very well and most parents will probably know what a squap is @ least I hope so as it is such a bad description!

Anyway I dropped the car off and walked to the shops the sky was much better – the sun out again!:

When I got home I went out with Daisy, picked up my tablets and got some fruit and when I got home I ate my shake the same as this morning:

Then last walk of the day I took the plastic recycling to the recycling and got some shopping that I had forgotten earlier!  We went through the Hofgarten on a detour on the way back:

So my 3rd week going well although I got really wet today!  TTFN!

2 weeks in…!


It’s bank holiday today but I got up early for a walk and also because I am going to the cinema AGAIN!

I tried to get into the English Garden by the usual time I met my dog walking friend but either I was too late or too early, we ended up going on our own – Daisy and me!  Although the sun was up and it was completely sunny the sky…

…in the first picture it looks like the sun is trying to get through the clouds!  2nd picture someone having a ride on their horse on the field!

Back home I had a shake with 1/2 a banana, strawberries and blue berries:

Then off to the cinema to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen which was very British and quite funny I thought!

On way back across the Königsplatz I loved the clouds:

I decided to buy something for lunch as I a) didn’t have anything in the fridge really and b) it is a bank holiday after all!

However this proved difficult as MOST places closed – it is a bank holiday after all!  No I really thought more would be open!  I ended up @ a Doner place and ate a Falafel Durum – for those who don’t know what that is it’s thick bread-like pancake, @ least that’s my best description:

with falafel, onion, lettuce, tomatoes and yoghurt dressing!  The falafel was really good!

After lunch Daisy and I went out to Hofgarten for 35 mins under a lovely blue sky full of clouds:

I had a snack when I got back, a nectarine and a lemon Herbalife protein bar:

I then accidentally got stuck into some work… I was just looking for a something and ended up doing filing for an hour and a half… not what I had intended!  Decided I needed some fresh air after that and so Daisy and I went out for 35 mins along the Isar:

When I got back, I fed Daisy and I fed myself!  A shake with 1/2 banana and an apple:

I watched a bit of tv and then last walk of the day with Daisy along the Maximillianstrasse and through the Hofgarten, here 2 pictures along the walk, the first one makes it look really, really dark but it wasn’t really dark, it’s still not dark an hour later:

in the second picture in the bottom right hand corner you can spot Daisy!  When I got back spoke to my daughter and  then watched some tv and after writing this plan is to go to bed to read!

As far as the diet is going I’ve managed 2 weeks now and today was the start of the 3rd week and things are going


No real hiccups yet so



Cinema day…!


Today I am going to the cinema twice as I am on my own (hubby and daughter are on holiday @ the grandparents without me!) so got up early and go for my walk before the first cinema performance.  The English Garden was lovely walk for an hour:

Back @ home I had a shake with lots of fruit blackberries, strawberries and half a banana.

Then off to the cinema to see Moonrise Kingdom which was really good:

Then I went to get a Panini with tuna, anchovies and tomatoes to take home to eat and saw these lovely mini cream puffs (I’ve forgotten what they are called in English, this is the google translation and doesn’t seem right!  Its choux pastry with a filing and icing on top!):

I would have loved to have eaten a purple one or one with nuts on and I could probably have afforded one weight wise as they really were small but I resisted!

On the way back I drove the long way round via the Olympia stadium and the English Garden which took 55 mins:

Back @ home I had the tuna and tomato Panini with half an avocado, 2 tomatoes and beetroot:

My mother called me in the afternoon and we arranged to go for a walk with Daisy along the Isar for an hour!

Then back to the cinema to see The Avengers which was very, very action packed and very, very long, whilst I was there I ate an apple and a lemon Herbalife protein bar:

photographed on the seat next to me in the cinema!

On the way back I took a photo of a new statue next to the Greek Museum on the Konigsplatz and a couple of other photos on the trip:

@ home a quick run out with Daisy as she’d been home alone so long and I gave her dinner and made myself a shake with lots of fruit:

Then Daisy and I went out for the last walk of the day along the Maximilianstrasse and through the Hofgarten with the lovely sky:

this took just over half an hour.  On the walk my daughter called me and told me she was missing me so a bit sad!  Then it was time for a bit of tv (Sex and the City 2 was on tv) and writing the blog before going to bed to read!  So TTFN!

Looooong bike trip to the Allianz Arena…!


Last night’s sneak was Snow White and the Huntsman

which was pretty good!  A little horror-y and gory but a good ‘yarn’!

But it was a long film and it was 2:30am when I eventually put the book down and went to sleep which meant I didn’t wake up until 10:30am…!  Very unusual for me!  Daisy and I went out for a walk through the Hofgarten and then through the English Garden for about 50 mins:

It was really late when I got back, nearly 12, pretty late for a breakfast:

and so I put a lot of fruit in the shake – a nectarine, blue berries and strawberries and was nice!

I had decided to take a bike trip to the Allianz Arena (where Chelsea won vs. FC Bayern…!).  Last time I had to met one or our driversthere, he wanted to meet on the outskirts of Munich and I could see the Allianz Arena at the end of a road where we met, so headed there.  But on the way I went to buy a Phillips Sonicare – this is a little electric toothbrush size thing that squirts water between your teeth to clean out any foods that have got stuck there and bacteria etc etc, so I did that – to get there it took me 40 mins!

Then the loooooong trip started – I biked to the place where I met the driver:

I rode through the English Garden along the lake, the 2nd picture shows a road, then the third picture that I am leaving Munich — the yellow sign shows Munich on the bottom half crossed out!  Then I drove past the place where I had met the driver as it said “No Entry except with a pass, so I drove past it and met another bike rider and asked him if he knew how to the Allianz Arena, he had a sat nav with him so he had a look and said there was a small path shown but back the way I had come, so off I went, he was still behind me and as I drove past the “No Entry” place again and as he overtook me he said he thought it was there!  So I drove down there, because the gate was open even though I had no pass, nobody stopped me!  However after riding for about 10 mins. I found no way past the fence of this place – the Centre for Radiation Protection – and although I could see the Allianz Arena through the fields – you can see it in the 4th picture in the background the white bit a bit to the left of the picture!

I decided to find this path the sat nav guy had said and drove back again looking a path all the way with no luck, I rode down another dead end and then I eventually came to a big road which I decided must eventually lead to the Arena or @ least back down to the Isar!

Then I came across this:

Arena 3,5 km… I obviously followed it and after a long ride down the road I eventually got there – door to door with the break in the tooth cleaning shop (Media Markt) it took 2 hours…!  A long time!  But I had reached my goal!

I actually walked around most of it to try to get into it but when I eventually found the entrance it cost €12 which I decided was too much for a look @ a football pitch!

On the way there I had seen a bridge over the motorway so I headed there hoping I would get to the Isar @ some point… but then I actually saw as sign saying that the Isarauen was that way:

Along the way I saw the huge Wind turbine and the water works you can see from the motorway:

the last picture is of the path along the Isar, which I found quite easily, it led to a path I knew from riding along the Isar so felt confident again about where I was going and the trip home only took 1 hour 20 mins… but it meant I was on the road for nearly 3 1/2 hours….!  Luckily I had taken my water and I also ate an apple along the way, but forgot to take a photo!

Back @ home I went around the block with Daisy and although it was already 5pm I ate lunch then – a salmon salad with 2 small pieces of bread:

and for dessert I had a Herbalife lemon protein bar:

Then I chillaxed a little, called my daughter who said the weather in Bosnia was sunny but not very warm – here it’s been about 25 °C, but there was a little wind so although I rode on my trip with my sunglasses all the way it wasn’t that hot.  I might have got a bit of a sun burn but it’s not too red and doesn’t hurt so isn’t that bad!

Daisy and I then went out for a walk I had planned for Maximillianstr. and then through the Hofgarten home but in the end carried on through the Hofgarten into the English Garden and headed home that way:

on the way out of the English Garden headed to the Eisbach wave to see the surfers and there were many:

The walk took an hour but when I got back it was already 9pm so decided to have a banana for dinner:

so a lot of exercise today – even though I had not planned the loooong trip and as I got up late didn’t feel I needed 3 meals to I only really had 2 meals today – the breakfast shake and the salmon salad and the apple, protein bar and banana as a snack!  The scales should make me happy tomorrow then!  TTFN!

Two for one!


For some reason, I don’t really know what happened but I forgot to blog a post last night!

So here’s yesterday:

This was my food – if you look @ it like this it looks so little but I don’t feel like it is!

First the shake with banana and strawberry, chicken and cooked cabbage, an apple, a lemon Herbalife Protein bar and in the evening a shake with blue berries, strawberries and nectarine.


1 hour in the morning, then a swim for an hour, and later an hour walk in the thunder and rain!

Unfortunately I also ate some Marzipan in the early evening after dinner but I a) forgot to photograph it and b) it wasn’t so much so don’t think it would really make a big difference!

Then today:

walk in the morning for an hour:

in lovely blue skies!

Breakfast which I made and took to work – a shake with strawberries and blue berries:

After work I went for a swim for 1 hour and after that I picked up my daughter from her last day @ school before the half term holidays and found her comic in the display case:

hard to see I know but it’s about a made-up Agent Vanessa…!

We then went to lunch with my mother:

I had a chicken salad… however I did have some white bread – 2 half slices… and I even think I put some butter on them but sod it – wasn’t so naughty!!

Then my daughter and I went home to pack my daughter’s things for her holiday with her Tata!  Then it was time for them to leave which was a little sad… but I got down to being busy straight away so as not to think about it!  First I went to the lawyers to drop off some papers:

along the way I saw this BIG RED motorbike with a picture of Jesus on the petrol tank… what is that… surely he needs St. Christopher not Jesus – he is the patron Saint protecting one during travel…!

Then out with Daisy and then I went to the cinema to see American Pie – The Reunion which was funny and entertaining but nothing special!

Back @ home I had my shake with strawberries, nectarine and blue berries:

Then I called my morning dog walk friend and we arranged to go for another dog walk along the Isar for 50 mins:

where there was a nice sun set.

Back @ home I had a lemon Herbalife Protein Bar as I am off to my Sneak and decided I needed a little something:

So that was my last 2 days – i.e. the title two days for one!  Soon I am off to the Sneak, I will report tomorrow and I will actually be going to the cinema quite a lot in the next few days whilst my family is gone as I have the time, TTFN!