Just a quick post today…!


Really, really busy today, so very short post!

Had to get up really early as had to go to court !  More later!

Was out of the house by 7:15 am with Daisy in the Hofgarten and the English Garden:

was actually quite nice so early as not to many people about for 40 mins!

Then I rushed home and ate my shake:

Then I had to go to court WITHOUT our lawyer!  We have a guy we gave notice to last year although he was ill and he took us to court asking for money!  This was the appointment to came up with a final figure. the problem was there had been talks between the lawyers the night before and an agreement was arranged, the court date was cancelled, our lawyer took advantage and arranged another meeting for himself and then @ 6pm a fax arrived at my lawyer’s office saying all agreements were off.  That is why I had to go without a lawyer!  That’s when the problems started as the Judge was very keen to finish it today!  However we wouldn’t agree to the extortionate amount the ex-employer was asking for.  The judge said it was too much to (luckily for us), I managed to reach hubby who told me the maximum amount he was prepared to pay, when I mentioned it in court, everyone signed and then the judge made a suggestion and we then had to go out again to discuss it.  @ last we came to an agreement!  But nerve raking!

This was a photo in the English Garden on the way back on my bike:

I had left my daughter with my mum in the office and when I got back we got ready for a swim together in the hotel where I usually go!

We were very lucky as there were very few people there so we could be a bit silly if we wanted, that was until my daughter slipped and banged her head against the wall and scraped her arm!  It wasn’t too bad thank goodness and no blood which was good.  I swam for an hour, then we ordered lunch there and I had a caesar salad with anchovies:

After lunch we went for another swim for 40 mins but this time it was more messing about and playing, although I did do some swimming too!

When we got home my daughter called a friend and I wanted to got out to do some shopping, was just about to set off when I found I had got a puncture in my bike…!  Wonderful, not!  So decided to push the bike to the bike shop for him to repair tomorrow as was already 7pm so knew he wouldn’t manage it today.

When I got back I had a bit of a crap rest of the day as snacked again on stuff in the fridge and also had a nectarine and apricot that was the good part!  Then I ate the rest of hubby’ caesar salad:

I really don’t know what’s changed today from the last 2 weeks and I hope it’s only a little BLIP!  And it wasn’t really that bad but really not that good either!  Let’s see in the next few days!  Plus it was a really hard day!  Busy and decision making time too (court)!  So TTFN!


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