Return of my baby…!


Hubby and daughter are coming home tonight… everything seemed to have to get done and quickly!  Managed to get up in time for a walk with my dog walk friend though for an hour:

this was whilst we were waiting, 1st picture a huge tree-mushroom and 2nd picture Daisy eating some grass!

When I got home took my shake to work:

my mother noticed I was “all het up” (Cumbrian for all worried!) and she said I could go home early if I had things to do.

I decided to go and get the post from our office out of town first so off I drove across the Bavarian countryside:

On the way back along the motorway I came across this horse in a horse box, here you can see its tail sticking out of the back on the right!:

When I got home I wanted to go swimming but it was nearly my normal lunch time so ate 2 apricots so I wouldn’t get too hungry

Then I went swimming for an hour and when I got back I had lunch on my Peter Rabbit Plate (1st picture):

lunch = a beetroot, 2 tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, a raisin and sunflower seed roll and 2 small salads – a shrimp salad and a Munich Salad = small slices of special ham, vinegar, onions and small slices of pickled cucumbers!

Then lunchtime walk with Daisy for 50 mins:

2nd picture shows the mown grass by the Isar (that’s our Munich County Council for you!):

I had a handful of lovely cherries when I got back.  Then I got stuck into work – as usual by accident i.e. I only wanted to look for something and ended up working for 2 hours – filing, filling out papers etc etc!  I had a lemon Herbalife protein bar whilst I was working:

When Daisy started to whine as she wanted to go out – well it was 8pm and I quickly went out just before a rain storm but it was only a short storm and when I got back I had my shake:



I have missed her although I was rather busy with work, going to the cinema and my bike tour!  Oh, and of course Hubby came home too BUT he immediately had to go out again as a driver had some catastrophe!  Poor hubby!

Unfortunately my mother in law had given hubby some food… and I snacked a bit on some… Pide which is the very thin layers of pastry with cheese inside and very good but also very fatty!  And then I ate a fig biscuit and a piece of chocolate…


but I think I will survive it!  So today went ok all in all but now I have nearly a week and 1/2  left of school holidays where it might be a bit difficult because I probably won’t get time to do my sports, I mean my swimming!  So let’s wait and see how it goes!  TTFN!


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