Caught in downpour… twice…!

Caught in downpour… twice…!

Today went well, although I got terribly wet and not from swimming – although I did go swimming – more later!

Day started with the dog walk for an hour in the morning, I rushed to get there @ the normal dog walk time to try to see if my dog walk partner was there as I hadn’t been able to reach her by phone the last few days – but to no avail!  I ended up going alone:

in the middle of the 2nd picture you can see Daisy…!

Back @ home I took my shake with strawberries, blueberries and 1/2 a banana to work:

I had to go to work to help my mum as it had been the bank holiday yesterday but luckily not too much to do, so only stayed for an hour and then I went swimming for an hour!  As I was swimming it started chucking it down and I started to worry about my bike outside whose seat I hadn’t covered with the plastic bag I have in the basket on the back!  But it had stopped when I left,


as soon as I got on my bike it started to


I got ABSOLUTELY SOAKED and had to change my clothes as soon as I got home.  Then it stopped and I quickly went out with Daisy.

When I got back I rushed around to get to the cinema and as the weather was bit iffy I went in the car!  Of course it didn’t rain!

@ the cinema, where I went to see Men in Black 3 in 3D I bought a tuna, tomato, onion and anchovies Panini in the Cafe opposite the cinema and as I knew I wouldn’t get any salad I had bought an apple and a banana as a desert:

When I got back from the cinema which was very funny and action packed (as usual!), I took Daisy for a walk along the Isar and then into town to do some shopping and pick up a prescription from the doctor for my blood pressure, here a couple of pictures of the nice weather again:

The walk took 1 hour and 20 mins and I also saw these 2 little fountains, as I am usually on the bike I don’t notice these things:

the 1st picture shows a tiny fountain with a stork and the sun in the wall which spouts out water and someone had placed flowers around the edge too!  The 2nd picture is of wolves (I think) and the water spouts out of their mouth into the fountain!

When I got back I had a nectarine and 2 small apricots for a snack:

Then I went to our car tyre place to get my summer tyres changed @ last – hubby had taken so long to get the tyres out of our storage!  On the way there it

absolutely chucked it down again…

luckily I was caught in it but I was in the car:

I dropped the car off and went shopping around the corner to Toys R Us to find a Squap which I had promised her I would buy her for Children’s day on Friday (the things they think up eh!).  A Squap is made up of 2 round discs which bend in half and you catch a ball with it by grabbing it in the middle of these discs and then these discs shoot out the ball again when you let go of the disc – I can’t really describe it very well and most parents will probably know what a squap is @ least I hope so as it is such a bad description!

Anyway I dropped the car off and walked to the shops the sky was much better – the sun out again!:

When I got home I went out with Daisy, picked up my tablets and got some fruit and when I got home I ate my shake the same as this morning:

Then last walk of the day I took the plastic recycling to the recycling and got some shopping that I had forgotten earlier!  We went through the Hofgarten on a detour on the way back:

So my 3rd week going well although I got really wet today!  TTFN!


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