2 weeks in…!


It’s bank holiday today but I got up early for a walk and also because I am going to the cinema AGAIN!

I tried to get into the English Garden by the usual time I met my dog walking friend but either I was too late or too early, we ended up going on our own – Daisy and me!  Although the sun was up and it was completely sunny the sky…

…in the first picture it looks like the sun is trying to get through the clouds!  2nd picture someone having a ride on their horse on the field!

Back home I had a shake with 1/2 a banana, strawberries and blue berries:

Then off to the cinema to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen which was very British and quite funny I thought!

On way back across the Königsplatz I loved the clouds:

I decided to buy something for lunch as I a) didn’t have anything in the fridge really and b) it is a bank holiday after all!

However this proved difficult as MOST places closed – it is a bank holiday after all!  No I really thought more would be open!  I ended up @ a Doner place and ate a Falafel Durum – for those who don’t know what that is it’s thick bread-like pancake, @ least that’s my best description:

with falafel, onion, lettuce, tomatoes and yoghurt dressing!  The falafel was really good!

After lunch Daisy and I went out to Hofgarten for 35 mins under a lovely blue sky full of clouds:

I had a snack when I got back, a nectarine and a lemon Herbalife protein bar:

I then accidentally got stuck into some work… I was just looking for a something and ended up doing filing for an hour and a half… not what I had intended!  Decided I needed some fresh air after that and so Daisy and I went out for 35 mins along the Isar:

When I got back, I fed Daisy and I fed myself!  A shake with 1/2 banana and an apple:

I watched a bit of tv and then last walk of the day with Daisy along the Maximillianstrasse and through the Hofgarten, here 2 pictures along the walk, the first one makes it look really, really dark but it wasn’t really dark, it’s still not dark an hour later:

in the second picture in the bottom right hand corner you can spot Daisy!  When I got back spoke to my daughter and  then watched some tv and after writing this plan is to go to bed to read!

As far as the diet is going I’ve managed 2 weeks now and today was the start of the 3rd week and things are going


No real hiccups yet so




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