Looooong bike trip to the Allianz Arena…!


Last night’s sneak was Snow White and the Huntsman


which was pretty good!  A little horror-y and gory but a good ‘yarn’!

But it was a long film and it was 2:30am when I eventually put the book down and went to sleep which meant I didn’t wake up until 10:30am…!  Very unusual for me!  Daisy and I went out for a walk through the Hofgarten and then through the English Garden for about 50 mins:

It was really late when I got back, nearly 12, pretty late for a breakfast:

and so I put a lot of fruit in the shake – a nectarine, blue berries and strawberries and was nice!

I had decided to take a bike trip to the Allianz Arena (where Chelsea won vs. FC Bayern…!).  Last time I had to met one or our driversthere, he wanted to meet on the outskirts of Munich and I could see the Allianz Arena at the end of a road where we met, so headed there.  But on the way I went to buy a Phillips Sonicare – this is a little electric toothbrush size thing that squirts water between your teeth to clean out any foods that have got stuck there and bacteria etc etc, so I did that – to get there it took me 40 mins!

Then the loooooong trip started – I biked to the place where I met the driver:

I rode through the English Garden along the lake, the 2nd picture shows a road, then the third picture that I am leaving Munich — the yellow sign shows Munich on the bottom half crossed out!  Then I drove past the place where I had met the driver as it said “No Entry except with a pass, so I drove past it and met another bike rider and asked him if he knew how to the Allianz Arena, he had a sat nav with him so he had a look and said there was a small path shown but back the way I had come, so off I went, he was still behind me and as I drove past the “No Entry” place again and as he overtook me he said he thought it was there!  So I drove down there, because the gate was open even though I had no pass, nobody stopped me!  However after riding for about 10 mins. I found no way past the fence of this place – the Centre for Radiation Protection – and although I could see the Allianz Arena through the fields – you can see it in the 4th picture in the background the white bit a bit to the left of the picture!

I decided to find this path the sat nav guy had said and drove back again looking a path all the way with no luck, I rode down another dead end and then I eventually came to a big road which I decided must eventually lead to the Arena or @ least back down to the Isar!

Then I came across this:

Arena 3,5 km… I obviously followed it and after a long ride down the road I eventually got there – door to door with the break in the tooth cleaning shop (Media Markt) it took 2 hours…!  A long time!  But I had reached my goal!

I actually walked around most of it to try to get into it but when I eventually found the entrance it cost €12 which I decided was too much for a look @ a football pitch!

On the way there I had seen a bridge over the motorway so I headed there hoping I would get to the Isar @ some point… but then I actually saw as sign saying that the Isarauen was that way:

Along the way I saw the huge Wind turbine and the water works you can see from the motorway:

the last picture is of the path along the Isar, which I found quite easily, it led to a path I knew from riding along the Isar so felt confident again about where I was going and the trip home only took 1 hour 20 mins… but it meant I was on the road for nearly 3 1/2 hours….!  Luckily I had taken my water and I also ate an apple along the way, but forgot to take a photo!

Back @ home I went around the block with Daisy and although it was already 5pm I ate lunch then – a salmon salad with 2 small pieces of bread:

and for dessert I had a Herbalife lemon protein bar:

Then I chillaxed a little, called my daughter who said the weather in Bosnia was sunny but not very warm – here it’s been about 25 °C, but there was a little wind so although I rode on my trip with my sunglasses all the way it wasn’t that hot.  I might have got a bit of a sun burn but it’s not too red and doesn’t hurt so isn’t that bad!

Daisy and I then went out for a walk I had planned for Maximillianstr. and then through the Hofgarten home but in the end carried on through the Hofgarten into the English Garden and headed home that way:

on the way out of the English Garden headed to the Eisbach wave to see the surfers and there were many:

The walk took an hour but when I got back it was already 9pm so decided to have a banana for dinner:

so a lot of exercise today – even though I had not planned the loooong trip and as I got up late didn’t feel I needed 3 meals to I only really had 2 meals today – the breakfast shake and the salmon salad and the apple, protein bar and banana as a snack!  The scales should make me happy tomorrow then!  TTFN!


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