Two for one!


For some reason, I don’t really know what happened but I forgot to blog a post last night!

So here’s yesterday:

This was my food – if you look @ it like this it looks so little but I don’t feel like it is!

First the shake with banana and strawberry, chicken and cooked cabbage, an apple, a lemon Herbalife Protein bar and in the evening a shake with blue berries, strawberries and nectarine.


1 hour in the morning, then a swim for an hour, and later an hour walk in the thunder and rain!

Unfortunately I also ate some Marzipan in the early evening after dinner but I a) forgot to photograph it and b) it wasn’t so much so don’t think it would really make a big difference!

Then today:

walk in the morning for an hour:

in lovely blue skies!

Breakfast which I made and took to work – a shake with strawberries and blue berries:

After work I went for a swim for 1 hour and after that I picked up my daughter from her last day @ school before the half term holidays and found her comic in the display case:

hard to see I know but it’s about a made-up Agent Vanessa…!

We then went to lunch with my mother:

I had a chicken salad… however I did have some white bread – 2 half slices… and I even think I put some butter on them but sod it – wasn’t so naughty!!

Then my daughter and I went home to pack my daughter’s things for her holiday with her Tata!  Then it was time for them to leave which was a little sad… but I got down to being busy straight away so as not to think about it!  First I went to the lawyers to drop off some papers:

along the way I saw this BIG RED motorbike with a picture of Jesus on the petrol tank… what is that… surely he needs St. Christopher not Jesus – he is the patron Saint protecting one during travel…!

Then out with Daisy and then I went to the cinema to see American Pie – The Reunion which was funny and entertaining but nothing special!

Back @ home I had my shake with strawberries, nectarine and blue berries:

Then I called my morning dog walk friend and we arranged to go for another dog walk along the Isar for 50 mins:

where there was a nice sun set.

Back @ home I had a lemon Herbalife Protein Bar as I am off to my Sneak and decided I needed a little something:

So that was my last 2 days – i.e. the title two days for one!  Soon I am off to the Sneak, I will report tomorrow and I will actually be going to the cinema quite a lot in the next few days whilst my family is gone as I have the time, TTFN!


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