A little change to the schedule..!


Tonight I am going out and we are eating out – so I decided to change my plan a bit!

But the day started as normal with my walk for an hour in the English Garden and when I got home I took my apple and cinnamon and tropical fruit shake with strawberries to work with me:

After work I went swimming for an hour and I had a shake with strawberries and 1/2 banana (with the same shake flavour as breakfast) for lunch (instead of dinner as I decided I was going to eat something in the restaurant in the evening):

Daisy and I went for walk for an hour and 10 mins along the Isar and it was REALLY WARM… Poor Daisy really traipsed behind me on the walk in the heat:

When I returned home I ate 2 apricots – a yellow one and an orange one:

My daughter wanted to come home by herself so I waited @ home for her before piano lessons!

During piano lesson during I walked around for half an hour and also did some shopping!

Back @ home my daughter had something to eat and then went out to play with her friend and I went to my girls night out to an Italian restaurant where I ate a grilled mixed fish plate and 2 small pieces of pizza bread (forgot to photograph it!) and a salad:

which was very good but probably a bit too much


So I just enjoyed it and decided to worry about the scales later!  It was a really nice evening, my leg started to hurt a bit from sitting down all night so I wanted to leave @ some point but the girls made asked me to stay so I did and then by the time we left it was suddenly 11:45pm… really late for ME!  That’s why I have only finished this post this morning, today will follow later, TTFN!


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