All shake-d up…!


I know, I know not such a good title… I am trying to find titles with shake in them though, that’s the idea behind it!

A good day – very busy, this can be good and bad.


If I am too busy and I don’t eat @ all then it gets to the stage where I am STARVING and eat everything in sight doesn’t matter if it’s healthy or not!


It can mean I manage to eat but am so busy I eat something that fills me up and is healthy but I spend little time on it or little time worrying about it so that’s the good way!

Anyway today was busy but a good day!

Started as always with walk for an hour in the English Garden:

Back @ home a shake with strawberries and blue berries – all shake-d up!:

Then I had to drive to our office outside Munich to pick up the post, along the way the sky and the second picture through the car window (i.e. whilst I was driving, therefore not such a good picture!) – it’s the Allianz Arena where the Footie match was on Saturday (FC Bayern vs Chelsea FC)…:

When I got back I went to work to help my mum with something, then I had to go to the school to try to find out what it happening with our teacher as she is off ill @ the moment and the parents were interested in what is happening, unfortunately nobody knows, she is due back after the holidays in 2 1/2 weeks but nobody is certain!

Then I went swimming for an hour – the hour works quite well now with my leg although I am tired straight after it!

Lunch was salami, ham, cheese, salmon, cheddar with beetroot and a piece of Schüttelbrot crispbread with a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, apple, and cucumber:

After lunch walk along the Isar with Daisy for 1 hour 20 mins:

I was a little late so I took a little different way to pick up my daughter and came across this, it’s a gold-like pattern on the facade of the building, looks nice:

When I had picked up my daughter – I had to wait for her for nearly 15 mins whilst she finished her ‘game’ – and we had got home, I ate a lemon protein bar, half an apple and 2 strawberries:

For dinner later a shake with strawberries – all shake-d up!:

Hubby was @ home so Daisy and I went for another 30 mins walk through town and liked the look of these shops, which look like little houses which they probably were years ago:

There was some sort of event on the Odeonsplatz with a stage and lights and tv screens showing the stage:

and some the Hofgarten looking nice and colourful and the sky looking a bit boring but a nice colour:

So another good day, all shake-d up, let’s see what the scales say tomorrow, today they were good, but am not ready for a weight update yet I’m afraid!  TTFN!


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