Not a bad day…!

Not a bad day…!

Today was a bit boring and I did no real sport!  But as far as food is concerned that went fine!

Walk in morning through the Hofgarten and English Garden for 45 mins:

in the lovely sunshine with some wind and pretty warm 25°C!

I saw some drummers or rather heard some drummers on the opposite shore of the Eisbach – they are the brown round things in the middle of the picture:

Breakfast was a little late about 10:30 and just an apple cinnamon shake with no fruit:

We had an early lunch as had a cinema trip planned with hubby’s cousin and their daughter – a caesar salad with tomatoes and shrimps and 2 very small bits of white bread:

I left nearly all the croutons and didn’t mop up the cream caesar with the bread  (like I usually do!) and even left a little bit!  Then we went to the kids cinema my daughter and I had seen the film already but we went a second time as we had promised my daughter’s cousin we would go with them.  Then home and just chilling!  I had a snack of a Herbalife lemon protein bar:

Then a programme came on tv called the Biggest Loser about losing weight and it was the final so quite interesting seeing all of them having lost loads of weight!  That was really it all day, dinner an apple cinnamon shake with blue berries and half a banana:

I did feel a bit peckish from something sweet after my shake so I used an old trick and brushed my teeth making any snacking taste ‘orrible!

But no real sport apart from the walk in the morning but food ok so will have to wait and see the scales tomorrow!  TTFN!


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