All good on the diet front..!

All good on the diet front..!

Went on the bike to the Sneak last night and saw a lovely sky on the way:


lovely sky on the way, first through the Hofgarten, then through the Königsplatz!

Sneak last night was The Lorax which is actually a kids movie and it was ok… I mean it’s a Seuss story so a bit strange but I decided to stay as I knew it wouldn’t be a long film, here the view from the balcony where I ALWAYS sit @ the Sneak:

In the morning it was a lovely day and WARM @ last so went for a walk for 55 mins through the Hofgarten and a bit of the English Garden:

the middle picture shows a baby goose… in the middle if you look closely – sweeet!

My shake was with tropical fruit and apple and cinnamon shake with blueberries, decided on just a few blueberries as it was late, nearly 11..!

No lunch date with my mum today as she was busy and my daughter was having a bit tizz about going swimming or not so I decided she wasn’t going!  But we did go to lunch on our own…  Unfortunately it’s the BIG Football Final today between Chelsea and Bayern here in Munich (I am sure you ALL know that!) so the city was absolutely PACKED with football fans from both sides!

Lunch was a salad with barbecue beef bits (3rd picture) but unfortunately as lunch ended up being late – not until nearly 2pm, I was starving and ended up eating:

one of the brown pieces of bread and nearly 2 of the white pieces of bread, my daughter and I shared the pancake soup (middle picture), although I must say I didn’t eat that much of it I did eat about 10 spoonfuls BUT each spoonful packed with pancake bits!?!?!  The salad on the right is the salad with lots of grated carrot and barbecue beef – although not sure what that meant as they were just normal fried bits of beef!

On the way home we saw this silly poodle, he had been shaved very expertly in some kind of pattern on his body (!):

My daughter was then invited to her best friends house to play which I allowed (despite the swimming tantrums of the morning) as is such nice weather and after I took her to her friends’ house, Daisy and I went for a walk and some shopping for an hour and 40 mins:

Through the Isar Anlagen – very green!  When I got back I had a little bit of Schüttelbrot cracker and butter, marmite and cheese and 2 apricots as a snack:

again the knife as an indication of the size of cracker i.e. small again!

My daughter was due home 6 pm, then called me and said can she stay until 6:30 pm… then another text 7:15 please… then yet another text 8:30 please and then last but not least (up until now!) 9pm… and each time I was just about to leave…!  So I had dinner alone (with Daisy!):

the same flavour shake as breakfast but with banana with the blueberries!  Apart from the lunch and eating a bit too much BREAD, I feel good about the day as mostly sticking to my diet, of course I didn’t do much sport either but the walk was long and a little exhausting as was so warm – she secretly hopes !  So TTFN!


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