More shaking…!


Sorry about the title… am stuck for titles today (as I am often!).

Another good day, started with the walk in the English Garden, picture of a lovely sky:

For some reason my photo of my shake this morning not on my phone.. been happening a lot lately that the photo disappears then reappears again later or in the case of today disappears altogether, so here an archive shake photo:

After breakfast work for a few hours and then I went for a swim for an hour – I managed the hour this time!  Well done me!

Then I had my ‘old’ Russian pancakes with very minced beef and vegetables in it and some beetroot and a salad with lettuce, avocado, 2 tomatoes and cucumber:

No walk after lunch as my daughter came home with her friend as they had planned on going swimming but weather not so good so I took them to a wave pool which was indoors but with an opportunity to go outside into a small outside pool, they went on their own and I decided to take a walk as I had taken Daisy (she’d had no lunch time walk!) but it took a little longer – 1 hour 25 mins, @ least it wasn’t HOT, it was a nice warm @ about 20°C and blue skies:

the May West Statue was on the way in the car and the other pictures show that I was in a bit of a ‘posh’ area of Munich where people have houses not flats and gardens!

We found a nice big park which I have driven past about 3000 million times and never knew was there and in the middle of the park I came across the Sun Dial – the middle picture.

Headed to do some shopping in a small shopping centre and along the way saw this pretty pony in the Siemens complex yard:

The way back took me past a big Bank building which is featured on my bank card as it’s my bank – HypoVereinsbank Unicredit – it’s pretty big and very silver:

As we walked on we saw this lion… this was a big ‘trend’ several years ago and lots of companies and shops had their own Lion, in fact I took about 500 pictures (@ least!?) of them and my daughter sat on loads too!  Unfortunately I cannot remember what the idea behind it was…:

When we got back home I was pretty hungry after my walk in the warm weather and ate a nectarine and a Herbalife Lemon protein bar and a very small bit of Schüttelbrot with a little butter, marmite and cheese and I took the picture with a the knife to show you just how big the cracker was i.e. not such a big bit!:

Later for dinner I had a tropical fruit and apple and cinnamon shake with some blueberries, half a nectarine and half a banana, unfortunately the camera is playing up again  but this time it took the photo but wouldn’t, just wouldn’t photograph properly:

you can just about recognise some blueberry colour and a piece of banana – no idea what is WRONG WITH THE DAMN CAMERA!  Hope it will be ok again tomorrow!

My post today is early as I am going to the cinema before the Sneak tonight so have to leave in an hour so managed to get around to posting it now!  I’ll post what the Sneak was tomorrow!  And so as suggested in my title things are going ok and it’s

Day 5

which I hven’t managed for a while so I am feeling pretty positive… So TTFN..!


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