Shaking it…!


Yes I am still eating 2 shakes a day but today lunch was a bit too much…!

In the morning I went for a walk in the Hofgarten in the sunshine BUT it was really cold (!):

Back home I had a tropical fruit and cookie and cream shake (bit of a strange mix I know!) with milk and blue berries and strawberries:

I forgot to mention that it’s a bank holiday today in Germany AND also Father’s Day… so we went to the Steak House for hubby – he DOES LOVE HIS MEAT!

This is where I ate too much… I know, I know you can’t see it on the plate but I had piled a plate of salad and ate it before… BUT NOT A REAL SALAD… my “salad” was:


potato salad

pasta salad

too much feta cheese

and some tomatoes, beetroot, cucumber and a boiled egg (the healthier bit!)

I felt pretty guilty and anyway I had eaten most of the salad plate by the time the steak came!  So a real CHEATING photo!

BUT I did go to the restaurant on the bike so had a little, little exercise!

On way home photographed the ‘Alter Peter’ an old church, if you double-click on the picture and look just below the spire you can see a balcony and people… it’s a platform to look out over Munich on:


and the second picture you can see some lovely pink blossoms on the trees.

Before going to the cinema to see a girlie film with my daughter and her best friend, Daisy and I went for a walk for 25 mins and I took this blue skies with fluffy clouds photo on way:

After the cinema which was pretty exciting for the girls, the girls played something @ home and Daisy and I went for a 35 mins walk in the Hofgarten (again!) where again you can see how sunny it is but it was still cold:

As I had such a ‘big’ and ‘bad’ lunch I decided to have no fruit… I don’t suppose it would really have mattered THAT MUCH… but I saved just a few calories – it was a tropical fruit and apple and cinnamon shake:

Daisy and I just went around the block for a few minutes and caught the evening sun through the trees:

BUT all in all – apart from the “salad” – it was a good day… not so much sport, only the walks but all in all GOOD!   TTFN!


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