Shake day 3…!


Day 3 of eating shakes for breakfast and dinner…!  Walk in the morning was a little shorter about 50 mins instead of 1 hour.  After walk I had to go to work so took my tropical fruit and apple and cinnamon shake with blue berries, 1/2 banana and strawberries with me:

@ work I was pretty busy so nothing to report there and lunch was a slice of Pumpernickel bread (the dark bread) and a round slice of Schüttelbrot (it’s like  a cracker but much harder and very crispy) and I ate them


a small slice of salmon, a small slice of ham, 2 very small slices of salami (not so good but really fancied it!), a hard boiled egg, beetroot, tomatoes and 5 small slices of cheddar cheese – a sort of ploughman’s lunch except the butter was missing and the branston pickle!:


It was good!

Then I rushed off to the dentist to get my crown put back on…!  The dentist tried a different crown glue this time to try to make it stick, so far (9:30 pm!) it’s ok, although I really haven’t eaten anything – meaning anything to chew!

When I got back Daisy and I went along the Isar:

It’s pretty green everywhere now and it was pretty wet too, the start of the walk was ok, the sun was even peeping through the trees – see the 1st picture and 2nd picture but the 3rd picture it’s pretty grey.. it even hailed a bit for a short time but sun out again in the last picture although I was already pretty wet by then… having said that I did have my winter jacket on!

Then I had to drive around to meet one of our drivers to get some papers!  I ended up being late to pick up my daughter for piano lesson and we were late getting there!  Never mind!  I did some shopping during the piano lesson.  Back @ home my daughter went out to play and I went for a walk in the English Garden:


Here’s the Chinese Tea House from a different angle and in the second picture… hard to see but there are 2 geese with a baby goose!  Sweet!  The third picture shows a funny cloud – very fluffy and a little grey @ the same time!

Dinner was a tropical fruits and an apple cinnamon shake with blueberries and strawberries:

It was sooooo coooold I didn’t go for a long walk in the evening… in fact just a quickie about 5 mins!  So all in all a good day thanks to my crown I didn’t really want to eat  in case I made it come out and now I hope that has cemented itself to the bit of tooth that is left and all will be ok!  TTFN!


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