A new start day 2 (!)


Here I go again with my new starts and the number of the day… but I feel pretty confident @ the moment that it will go over 4 or 5 days so my title is good!

Today I went for a walk for an hour in the English Garden with my dog walking friend and although cold it was nice.

Then I had to go to the dentist straight after the walk to have my crown put back on which had fallen off in the Easter Holidays…. yes I know, the Easter Holidays were AGES ago but what with my vein operation and stuff I have only just got around to the dentist appointment.  This is the view out of the dentist chair:

He managed to put my crown back on although the tooth that is left is hardly there anymore and so he also had to screw in a screw to have an attachment for the crown to attach to… however… (later!).

For breakfast I had a shake with milk and half a banana and blue berries with a tropical fruits shake:

Then I went to work and also into town to sort a few things – shopping etc and then I went swimming for 50 mins – so 10 mins more than yesterday and was no problem with my leg now!  Here are 2 pictures of the pool which look much better than yesterday’s photo:


After my swim I went for a Falafel and salad @ the Viktualien Markt but for some reason although I took a photo of the salad it cannot be found on my camera on the phone… no idea what happened but it’s not there, however I only ate 3/4 of the Pita bread which was good for me being a bread freak!  Here is where the HOWEVER I mentioned earlier… my crown fell out!  Such a shame, I hope they can fix it tomorrow!

Then Daisy and I went for a walk along the Isar and here you can see how full the trees are now with leaves:

When I got back home after the walk which took longer as went to an extra bridge – 1 hour 20 mins! – I had an apple:

and after having picked up my daughter I had a lemon protein bar from Herbalife:

I made dinner for my daughter and I had another shake – this time 1 spoon Apple and cinnamon and one spoon tropical fruit together with blue berries, half a banana and 3 strawberries:

After dinner my daughter wanted something from the local supermarket and I being a good mother went out in the pouring rain and took Daisy (she hates the rain!) and even had to walk to 2 shops to try to get what she wanted but to NO AVAIL they didn’t have it so I got all wet FOR NOTHING… that’s mother’s for you eh… we do everything for our kids!  So as you can see a good day




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