Update… and a new start (yet again!)…


My leg has been healing very well, I feel a bit of a twinge now and again where my vein was but the doc says that’s normal the tissue etc around where the vein was regenerating, so all in all it has gone well – this is assuming nothing is going to go wrong now, nearly 4 weeks after the operation.

I have been lazy

in 2 ways:

not updating the blog


not doing any sports…

But today I made a new start!  I have been riding my bike but not any great stretches and last week I went for a swim but it didn’t feel so good (it hurt to kick my leg out when I was swimming!) so didn’t repeat it again until today –  more shortly!

TODAY I said this cannot go on any longer… my scales are killing me every morning and I just have to do something.

First exercise of the day was my walk with Daisy in the English Garden (which I have also  been doing up until now but I don’t really see it so much as exercise as I do it every day) and it was coooold.

Friday we had 30°C (very hot!), Saturday and Sunday a cold 15°C and today when I woke up it said it was -1°C (@ 7 am!) and it was cold when I went for the walk for an hour with my dog walking friend.

When I got home I ate an Apple and Cinnamon Herbalife shake with blue berries and yoghurt:

Then off to work and after work I went for a swim:

it has been closed for 10 weeks and was renovated… the only real changes I can see are the blinds on the windows and a mirror @ the end of the pool (hard to see on the photo).

Back @ home I had an egg and salad sandwich on brown bread and a cous cous salad – I was starving after the pool and didn’t have the energy to make something so bought my lunch from Dukatz:

After lunch Daisy and I went along the Isar for a walk for 50 mins, as you can see it is a lovely, sunny day but it was still a little cold, i.e. not as hot as the sky and the sun in the pictures suggest (!):


When I got back I had a little rest before I picked up my daughter from Hort and ate an apple:

After picking up my daughter I ate a Herbalife Lemon Protein bar – the idea behind it being that it is a little sweet and it has some chocolate and so a treat but not a too naughty one:

My daughter went out to play with her friend and Daisy and I went for a last ‘big’ walk of the day for 35 mins in the Hofgarten.  When I got back I made dinner for my daughter and hubby and I ate an Apple and Cinnamon Herbalife Shake with milk and half a banana, some blue berries and some strawberries.

I’ve managed surprisingly well, but followers of the blog will know this from me – that I tend to manage 3 or 4 days quite well and then something triggers me downhill again…. SOOOO as I’ve said countless times before too, let’s see how it goes, TTFN!


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