Back @ home in tights but back @ home…!


I have been home for a few days now and things are good!  The operation went well and I went into hospital @ 9:20 am on Tuesday, was operated on @ 2pm and by Wednesday @ 9:30 I was sitting in the cafe around the corner from my house with my mum!  Hubby managed to pick up our daughter from Hort and take her to school the next day without too much trouble, so that went well too!

Here is my bed in the 4 bed room in the clinic where I had my leg operated:

The day before I had my operation I had some things drawn on my leg:

this is the bit below my knee that was operated on – I haven’t photographed the whole leg… here just the bit below my knee…!

This is the book I read whilst in the clinic as I had to go in @ 9:20 am (like I said) but my operation wasn’t until 2pm so I was really glad that I had taken a book!  Finished the last few chapters the next day:

very gripping, just the right thing to keep you hooked whilst waiting…!

I have one problem after the operation and that is that I have to wear special tights to protect the wounds and also to protect against thrombosis…. I also have to give myself injections to protect myself against thrombosis!  The problem is that the tights are really tight and really thick and it’s over 20°C in Munich @ the moment, the last few days actually over that!


after the operation I did a lot of walking and it was really nice weather (as above) and in the evening the sky was crazy looking too:


this view is out of my window from one side and then the other side!

Today I went out on the bike for nearly an hour to drop off some number plates and on way back managed the bike ride in 40 mins.

I was really lucky @ the Zulassungsstelle (the place where you sort your number plates, where I had to take back some number plates of a car we had sold!).  It was jam packed… but I saw a guy who works @ the local supermarket who I chat with @ the till a little bit who was about 10th in line of >40 and he let me in behind him… then @ the till the woman put up the sign that she was closing and half the people left the line BUT she only went to the loo which she whispered to a few of us as she ran out, so that went quickly too!

Then back in time to meet my daughter after school as it’s bank holiday tomorrow so she didn’t have to go to Hort and she hung around the local square with a friend from school!

Food has been boring and nothing special and only resulting in my weight going up and down, so nowhere really…


So watch this space… she says missing posts all the time!  But I really hope to get motivated enough and start again soon, TTFN!


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  1. Didn’t realise you were having an op. must have missed that somewhere along the line. Hope you are ok…sending big hugs. Xx

    • Don’t worry… I did mention it in the blog but as my dad’s a lawyer and not a doctor didn’t make too much of a thing of it… lol..! No seriously don’t worry all went well! Just need to get the bloody itchy stiches out and the weather needs to be colder! x

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