Short catch up and a quick goodbye again…!



that I have been missing in action again! 

First I spent Easter in the UK and although I have been back nearly 2 weeks, I have been very busy with my daughter’s last tests before she gets her grades for secondary school (the silly system in Germany!) and now I have been bit preoccupied with my routine operation on Tuesdays…!

So… first things first:  EASTER IN THE UK!

I did try to post from the UK but I only had the iTouch WordPress App and I started to download a photo pressed ‘DONE’ and it had posted it without me even writing anything about it!  So I didn’t manage a post.

Where my family lives in the UK is in the far north in the Pennines and my family has a very old farm house in a small town (population 2000!):


it’s pretty big and it is a little unique as it is right in the centre of the town but to get to it by car you have to drive nearly out of town!  As you can see from the first picture it’s pretty big (it’s actually a house and a cottage built on to each other!) and as you can see from the doorway of the cottage it was build quite a while ago!  174 7…!  265 years old… wow eh! 

First day there was pretty nice weather, blue skies etc:

And dinner was jacket potatoes with a little butter and cheddar cheese, homemade coleslaw, beetroot, some baked beans and a Quinoa Risole which was delicious (its above the baked beans @ the bottom of the plate and underneath the jacket potato (!):

First day there we went to the one of the next big towns where my father works as he had to work and it gave us an opportunity to do some shopping – the most important being Marks & Spencer’s for underwear!


Breakfast before we left was some yoghurt and pear!

After our shopping my daughter and I visited the Cathedral in Carlisle:


and although the second picture looks like a Castle it isn’t, I am actually not sure what it is but think it’s part of the old city gates!

This is where we had lunch – The Dining Room, I had a cheddar cheese and pickle sandwich on brown bread and some salad and I ate the skins of my daughters jacket potato – as I love potato skins and cheddar cheese!


The Continental Market was in town so there was lots of ‘exotic’ foods e.g. a special bread stand from France, sausages from Germany (!), cheese from France etc etc:


here a stand with special things made out of wood!

Then back home and on the way the sky looking nice and dinner was salad and coleslaw and a bean stew type meal (I am sorry I just can’t remember what the food @ the bottom in the middle was(!):


Other food eaten whilst there was:


fried egg on toast with fried mushrooms and baked beans; curried cauliflower with poppadoms, kale and rice and the 3rd picture a vegetable soup!

One day we went on a family outing to an old village museum, built up to look like Early Industrial Britain (knowns as a Living Museum

It was quite an experience especially for my daughter (9) and my nephew (3 3/4) enjoyed it:


here the solicitors, a bathroom and a sitting room.


here the bus you could get from one place in the museum to the other (as it was quite big) there was also a tram and horse carriage!

here a shop and they also had a farm, a school and a coal pit!

On the way home we came across a posh castle, now a hotel with a lovely fountain round the back:


Here some more food I ate whilst @ home:


fried egg, peas and the Quinoa Risoles; a vegetable soup with cheddar cheese, a piece of carrot cake and a piece of chocolate cake (!?!)

Another day out was to a small castle where there is a nice cafe, so we met with family there for food:


the entrance and nearby the big castle door knocker, a little gruesome but  quite a picture!

In the cafe I ate a brown roll grilled Halloumi and Humus sandwich with salad:

very nice indeed!  A nice combination of cheese and Humus!

Then we went to another nearby Castle:


Brougham Castle, the second picture is the castle from ‘afar’; then you cross a field with sheep and their lambs;  then you are in the castle and it goes quite high up!

Then we went to a Garage sale nearby and we came across a place where King Arthur had a Round Table, it’s just a field and you can’t see anything but it’s there (!?!):


More typical family (vegetarian dishes) I had:


Cheese on toast with tomatoes and onion and a vegetable Quiche with potato salad and beetroot (although in the 2nd picture the beetroot underneath the knife and fork is so dark you cannot see it very well!

Breakfast on the last day was a typical English thing – Wheetabix:

this one is the Coop’s own brand and I didn’t eat them like on the picture, where you just put the Wheetabix in the bowl and pour milk over it, I crunched  mine up into a mush and put my milk over it!

Something I bought and wanted to share was a note book:


with a typical ‘British’ thing written on it and of course the Crown!

As I already mentioned the week we got back my daughter had a spelling test on one day, a maths test on another day and on  yet another day she had to give a story talk – this was a presentation of a story in about 5 mins with questions and it is graded!  So we were pretty busy learning. 

BUT for the time being the stress it over as on the 20th it was the last test that counts towards the grades to get into secondary school and now although we still have tests and of course (!) they are important they don’t count anymore towards the grade that allows us to go to the type of secondary school we want!

And now to the last item on the Agenda!  Tomorrow I am going into a clinic to have a vein pulled out of my right leg!  It is sticking out and hurts a bit below the knee and the ‘German’ way of doing it is to remove it – rather than wait until it bursts and you might bleed to death!  Which is what happened in the ‘olden days’ when people didn’t worry about varicose veins and just got on with it – stiff upper lip and all that!  I think it is a family gene thing but of course I think being overweight does not help the situation!

I am a bit nervous… in my head it’s quite common sense and it’s routine.. but am still a little nervous, also I know 2 other people who have had it done and with one (a man!) he said it went fine and didn’t hurt and the other person (a woman) had complications meaning a 2 week stay in hospital and quite a lot of pain!  This adds to the nervousness I think!

This also means I will be missing from the BLOG


Sorry!  As soon as I am able and I have time I will update and I hope it gives me a

kick up the arse

(excuse the coarse Cumbrian/English expression!) that I need to get me back on track as far as Losing it in Munich is concerned!  TTFN!


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