Today has been a bit stressed out, especially in the evening…!

Walk in the morning was a quick one, just around the block and then to work for a bit, breakfast was a goat cheese flute again because again in a rush…:

rushed off to my daughters eye appointment only to find out I had made the appointment @ the wrong doctor… we had an appointment @ the ear and throat doctor by mistake… luckily for me I realised the eye doctor was around the corner and we managed to get an appointment for the afternoon!  Then my daughter managed to get to play @ her friend’s house again!

I drove to our office (outside Munich… tax reasons!) taking about an hour and then went into town for some more bits and bobs!

Lunch was:

a big salad with tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, parmesan slices, sweetcorn, beetroot and a few sardines together with 2 small pieces of bread.

Poor Daisy, again only a short walk – around the block!  Then my daughter was dropped off back @ home by her friend and we went to the eye doctor who said all seemed fine!

a banana snack in the afternoon!  Then packing, my daughter and I have a new set of cases as our last ones were cheap ones which were falling apart and now we have hard cases with really flashy wheels, only problem is that mine is too big, one half of the suitcase if empty but my daughter insists in going in partner look (case partner look!) so I cannot take another case I have!  Let’s see how it goes!

Dinner was a Thai Chicken soup and a bit of Nan bread (from my daughter’s Indian dinner!):

it was really good!  So tasty!  In the evening I still had some work to do and more packing and it’s now really late (for me!) @ 10:55 pm and I still have some work to do, so TTFN!  I am not sure how my blog posts will be whilst on holiday as I do have access to a PC but not to uploading photos… so not sure but will definitely report all upon return!


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