Going well – week 2…!


My ‘naughtiness’ wasn’t so bad on the scales….. so phew…!  Lovely day, very, very sunny but also pretty cold, walk in morning very short only 20 mins and this was taking my daughter to her friend’s house to play whilst I went to work!

@ work I had a goat cheese flute in a hurry as was late for work (they had said no more goat cheese flutes because of the ‘warm’ weather, I was lucky I guess!):

After work I went into town for some last minute shopping before my trip to the UK on Wednesday! On way home I got a Pad Thai with tofu and chicken but it wasn’t as huge a portion as normal… so she says!  It was good:

My daughter was still @ her friends so I arranged for a walk with my dog walking friend from the mornings and we went on the dog walk that we usually do in the morning!:

here the lovely weather!

When I got home I found out that my daughter was due to go for a walk into town so I decided to go for a bike ride, I went to the zoo and back past my starting point and to another bridge along the Isar and home:

When I got back I had half a banana and a handful of grapes:

My daughter and I arranged for me to pick her up later and I prepared dinner for her  and I had my dinner:

baked beans, a friend egg with fried mushrooms and a tomato and cucumber salad with yoghurt dressing!

I picked up my daughter and gave her her dinner and waited for hubby to come home to give him his dinner and then I went for another walk… yes, another walk, for an hour:

I was pretty tired when I got home, hubby had gone to bed as he had got up early and then it was time for my daughter to go to bed and I wrote this before also going to bed…!?!

All in all a good day and going well, despite yesterday’s slip up or glitch!  So carry on me!  TTFN!


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