Just a little glich…!


The day started well, I went for a lovely walk for 45 mins through the Hofgarten and a bit of the English Garden:

As you can see it’s a lovely day… but pretty cold, tights and winter jacket again!

Back @ home my yoghurt, soya flakes, wheat germ, strawberries and half a banana:

Then my daughter and I chillaxed all morning and by the time hubby got up very late it was lunch time but we didn’t go for ages and it was 2:30 pm by the time we went for lunch and I was starving, I have no idea why we dawdled sooo long @ home but at the restaurant around the corner I had a salad with salmon, which was good but in my very hungry state it wasn’t enough:

or @ least that’s the excuse I have for the afternoon when I was peckish and ate a few bits and pieces that didn’t fit into a person on a diet…


I am not letting it get me down, tomorrow back to


In the afternoon I went for a walk for an hour along the Isar again you can see how sunny it is!

Dinner is something that can’t be mentioned either as wasn’t a diet-y thing!

Took another walk along the Isar with my morning dog walk friend for an hour:

here the sun going down into the city centre!  So all in all an ok day until I GOT SO HUNGRY!  But I am not getting demotivated (I don’t actually think that is a word…?) for days and days like I usually do… I am back on track tomorrow, maybe it’s easier as it’s a Monday and the start of the week!  I hope so, TTFN!


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